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Wherever Your Pets Need to be, We've got you covered.

Whether your pet needs air transportation within Canada, and the United States, or requires international travel to far reaching destinations around the globe, Paws en route has got you and your fur baby covered! Our pet travel service includes Travel Arrangements and Documentation for your pet, Veterinary Arrangements and Transportation, Flight Carriers/Crates, Pet Boarding near the airport, Hotel Shuttle, and Airport Ground Transportation service. Traveling on a plane with your pet? Our service is designed to ensure stress-free travel with your pet which will make the journey much easier and enjoyable.
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Your Pet's Journey (Air)

Step 1

Book your pet’s air travel through the Paws website or call centre/back office

Step 2

Paws back office will provide required documentation for pet’s travel

Step 3

Paws driver/guardian will give cuddles and hugs (if permitted at the pick up location) and will ensure pet is fitted with harness

Step 4

For outbound flights, Paws driver/guardian will stay with the pet through security and check in process.  Paws guardian will not leave until pet is cleared for flight.

Step 5

Paws guardian/back office will notify pet parent that pet is checked in.  Back office will check to ensure that pet has safely arrived.

For selected cities, Paws guardian will pick up pet at the arrival location and safely deliver pet to the arrival drop off location

The Perfect Solution

Safely transport any pet, at any time, to any place

When you're looking for a pet transport company, it can be difficult to find one
that does more than just drive your fur-baby from Point A to Point B.
Paws en route
is different: we combine the best of technology and a soft human touch in order to
provide reliable, safe and pet-knowledgable transportation services. You can choose
between ground or air travel, and our experienced team will make sure everything goes
  • Run by pet lovers
  • Vetted drivers
  • Land & air transportation
  • Flexible transportation

Customer love

Take a quick read below from a few of our happy clients and their experience with Paws en route.
"If you need a fantastic way to get from A to B with your baby fur) Paws on Route amazing amazing company not liking the word company.. more like family.. give them a call."

~ Tamara S.
"I had my beagle dog shipped from Kingston ON  to Victoria BC, long story short, it is a very reliable, professional, kind, warm hearted, pet caring business!!"

~ Hyungjoo R.
"Paws en route provided us a wonderful service, coordinating every step of the way from finding flights, booking them, picking our cats up, transporting them to the boarding location and making sure they arrive at their destination on time."

~ Sumit G.
"Great experience and great communication. The receptionist is absolutely helpful. If anything is not clear they will just contact you to clarify and make sure your service request is attended. I totally recommend their service."

~ Iara G.
"My two favourite pet pals, Alvie and Toby, are now home safe and sound. Thanks Paws en route. Couldn't have asked for anyone better to look after my two until they reached home."

~ Susan G.
"Paws en Route is a fantastic company. Sandra was absolutely amazing to deal with and even video called me when she picked up my puppy. This is a company who truly cares about the well being of the pets they are transporting. HIGHLY recommend!!"

~ Emily C.
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Safely Transport
Any Pet, Any Time, Any Place.