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Shopping for your pet? 4 tips to keep them happy

Are you a pet parent who gets excited every time they go to the pet store? Pet stores are so much fun, full of options and opportunities to make life better for our furry loved ones.

5 Common Mistakes Pet Owners Can Make

Whether you have a cat or a dog at home, sometimes we unknowingly make mistakes that can prove to be harmful for our loved pets. Here are some common risky mistakes pet owners can make.

3 Things To Know Before Adopting A Puppy

Puppies adorable, energetic, playful, and make loving companions! There are lots of decisions to make and factors to consider before you decide to bring a puppy home.

Choosing The Right Pet Sitter

Are you a pet parent who is traveling soon and looking for a pet sitter? Here is how you can choose the right pet sitter for your beloved pet.

Caring For Your Pup’s Paws In Winter

The cold season comes with its own challenges and one of them includes your pet’s paw safety. Here is how you can care for your pup’s paws in the chilly winter season.

5 Benefits Of Adopting A Pet

When people decide to adopt a pet, the first question that comes to mind is if they should adopt one or head to the breeder. Here are a few advantages of adopting a pet from the animal shelter or adoption center.

5 Things About Cats That Will Surprise You

Are you a new pet parent who just adopted a cute kitten? Cats are curious by nature, and they discover their surroundings in some very unique ways. Here are a few things about our furry friends that may surprise you.

Tips For Creating An Emergency Preparedness Plan For Your Pets

Pet parents always want to ensure the safety of their furry loved ones. Whether it’s a natural disaster or other unexpected life circumstances, pet safety is important to pet parents. Here are some tips on how to create an emergency preparedness plan for your pets.

4 Tips to Familiarize Your Cat With Their Carrier

Using a carrier is the best way to keep your cat safe, especially when you are heading out with them or taking them to the vet. For some cats the sight of a carrier is enough to spark panic and feelings of anxiety. Here are some tips to help familiarize your cat with a carrier.

When Your Indoor Cat Wants To Go Outside

Do you have an indoor cat that has started expressing interest in going out? There are certain hazards your cat can face if they venture out and are allowed to roam freely. Here are some safe ways you can let your indoor cat experience the outdoors safely.

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

Is your loved pet’s birthday just around the corner? Planning to make it super fun for them and yourself? They deserve the best on their big day. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate your pet’s birthday.

How to Introduce a New Pet to Kids

Welcoming a new dog or cat into the family is exciting! Children tend to form a special bond with pets and how you introduce them is the first crucial step. Here are a few ideas on how to introduce a new pet to children.

How to Recognize the Signs of Stress in Your Pet

Dogs communicate using their body language so it is important for pet parents to understand what they are trying to tell us. Here is how you can can recognize the signs of stress in a dog.




Life Hacks for Pet Parents

Pet parents love their furry friends even when their pooch brings mess into the home. And while we may not complain, we do need a prompt solution every now and then. Here are some amazing life hacks for pet owners.

4 Simple Ways To Relieve Dog Boredom

Is your dog tired of the same routine each day and expresses boredom by looking unstimulated or lazy? Like humans, our loved furry friends also need mental and physical stimulation for a healthy life. Here are some simple ways to relieve dog boredom.

5 Ways Pets Improve Our Health

Pets have a special way of making people feel good. Are you someone who is thinking of adopting a new pet? You may be surprised at the benefits of pet ownership. Here is how pets can improve our health.

Pet Summer Safety Tips

At Paws en route, we care for the safety and well-being of all our loved furry friends! We are very excited to announce our partnership with U.S. based Center for Pet Safety and its PAWS UP for Safety program.

Shopping for your pet? 4 tips to keep them happy

Are you a pet parent who gets excited every time they go to the pet store? Pet stores are so much fun, full of options and opportunities to make life better for our furry loved ones.

Top 6 friendliest cat breeds

Are you thinking of adopting a cat? Adding a feline friend to your household can bring a lot of joy.

Summer Weather Fun With your Pets

Summer comes with a lot of sunshine and longer days. That means you get to spend more time outdoors with your pet!

PAWS En Route will be at Woofstock

PAWS En Route will be at Woofstock on May 27th and May 28th.

PAWS En Route attendance at Woofstock was a major success

During Woofstock, we were able to meet many Fur Kids and their parents.

PAWS En Route devoted to the health and safety of pets.

We at PAWS En Route are devoted to the health and safety of pets at all times.

Do-It-Yourself Summer Dog Treats That Your Pet Will Love

Easy and Awesome Homemade Summer Dog Treats!

Win 2 Tickets to Canadian Pet Expo!

Canadian Pet Expo Sept 9 – 10, 2017 The International Centre 6900 Airport Road Mississauga, Ontario

We are Canadian Pet Expo’s Official Pet Transportation Company

PAWS En Route is pleased to announce our Sponsorship of Canada’s largest pet event, the Canadian Pet Expo, being held September 9-10, 2017, at The International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario.

5 Reasons To Get Specialized Transportation For Your Pet

We love our pets and want to give them the best care.

Traveling with your pet? Here are our 6 road safety tips

We like taking our pets out whenever we can, on short trips, family visits, when running errands, or taking a vacation.

Why attending pet events is so much fun!

If you are a pet lover like we are, there’s no better way to celebrate diversity and friendship between us and our pets than attending a pet-friendly event.

Cutler Quilted Weekend Bag Winner

Norlee P. from Brampton, attending the Canadian Pet Expo, was PAWS En Route’s lucky winner of a Cutler Quilted Weekend bag full of dog treats, toys, and an Umbra silver tabletop picture frame.

Gift Basket Winner

Congratulations to Katie H. of Mississauga, winner of the gift basket full of treats, toys and cash vouchers.

Koolatron Winner

Congratulations to Nancy R. of Toronto, winner of the Koolatron 12V Voyager Cooler/Warmer.

Koolatron Winner

PAWS En Route at Veterinary Appreciation Day 2017

PAWS En Route is pleased to be a Sponsor of the Veterinary Appreciation Day 2017 that will be held  on Saturday, November 11, 2017, from 12:30 – 4:30 p.m., at the Fairmont Royal York.

Paws en Route – the transportation experts for pets

In August 2016, Dacia Rohlehr was faced with a dilemma all pet parents fear.

Ensuring the Best Experience When Using A Pet Transfer Service

When you need to transfer your pet across town, or the country, you want to make sure their needs are served in every way.

Keeping Your Pet Happy in A Dog Taxi Service

If you’re looking to transport a dog, even just across town, it’s often best to hire a dog taxi service.

Moving with Pets Is Tricky – Dog Relocation Services Can Make It Easier!

Moving to a new home is stressful for everyone involved – but maybe most for your pets.

Plan Ahead When Moving with Pets in Canada

Moving to a new home is an exciting, but stressful, time for everyone in your family – especially your furry family members.

Things You Must Consider When Flying Overseas with A Pet

Moving with a pet can be difficult even in the best of times, but nothing compares to the difficulty of moving to a different country with a pet.

Here’s What You Should Know About Hiring A Pet Taxi Service

Transporting a pet around a city can be extremely difficult.

Why Should You Choose a Pet Relocation Service?

If you’re planning on moving – whether it’s across town or across the country – you’ll be facing a lot of decisions.

How a Pet Transportation Company Helps You Travel with your Pet

Are you thinking about going on a vacation with your pet?

For Hopeful Pet Owners, Make Sure it is Real

Online directories are a great way to connect prospective dog owners with breeders, especially if there are in different cities.

Shipping Pets by Air? Follow These Expert Tips for The Best Experience

Generally speaking, if you need to move a pet such as a cat or dog, it’s always going to be best to move the pet using ground transportation options.

How to Prepare for Pet Transfer Services

When it comes to transporting pets, ensuring that they’re comfortable is key! But sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

Are All Taxis & Driving Services Pet-Friendly?

When moving or traveling with pets, finding the right transportation for them isn’t always easy.

Why Global Pet Relocation Companies are Best for Dog Relocation Services

Traveling with a dog can be stressful for both you and your four-legged friend, but it doesn’t have to be.

4 Ways to Safely Drive Your Pet Around Town

Whether it is a trip to the vet, the groomer or going on an adventure to your local park, or just to have a friend along for a ride, there are a lot of reasons you might want to travel with your dog.

Got a New Kitten? How to Keep Your New Pet Safe

Getting a new pet is exciting. You welcome a new member into the house, and you try to find ways of entertaining them, making them feel at home and bringing the best food for them!

Indoor Activities for Your Pets

These days, when social distancing is being encouraged to avoid the spread of Covid-19, many people are mostly working from home.

Indoor Activities for Your Pets

How to tell if your pet is in pain

As a pet owner your priority is your dog’s safety or your cats well being. Our pets don’t use the same language as us, but they have a way of conveying their unease or their pain.

How to tell if your pet is in pain

New Protocols and Services Update

With mounting concerns regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many pet owners are rightfully worried about their pets’ safety and well-being.

How Often Should Your Pet Visit the Vet?

Regular visits to the veterinary doctor are essential for your dog’s safety or your kitten’s wellbeing.

How to make a rescue comfortable in their new home: Tips for relocating a rescue dog or cat

Bringing a pet home from a local shelter can be a truly rewarding experience. With this decision, we are helping a pet who needs accommodation, love and, companionship.

Are You Looking For a Reputable Breeder?

You and your family have decided you want a new puppy to join the family. But how do you make sure you are reaching out to the right breeder?

Dental Pain in Pets

Sadly, our pets can not speak when they are in pain. They hide it well. They cannot vocalize their feelings of discomfort or anguish.

Dental Pain in Pets

Preparing Your Pets for a Car Ride

Are you heading out of town or going on a road trip? Bringing your cat or dog (or both) along is always better and may save you the cost of paying the pet sitter or for the kennel.

Is your pet anxious? Here are some tips for pet anxiety…

Pets may display or express their anxiety differently, but they experience emotional stress just like us, their owners. If your pet has been alone for some time, or if they have been acquainted with another pet in the house, chances are their anxiety levels could get elevated.

What to Look For in a Dog Groomer

When it is time for your dog to get groomed, not everyone chooses to do it at home.

Preventing Ticks in Dogs

Summer is here and your dog must be excited about all the outdoor walks. When your dogs are outdoors, that also means they are in tick habitats.

Preventing Ticks in Dogs

Grooming Styles for Dogs

Summer is here and you must be super excited about taking your dogs to the park for walks and playtime.

How to Choose a Name for your Pet

Did you recently get a new pet? Whether you adopted a cat or got a dog from a breeder, the excitement of having a new member in the house brings a lot of joy.

How to keep your pet cool this summer

Summer is here and that means you and your pets will be experiencing scorching heat on most days.

Choosing Accessories for Your Pets

Not all accessories are just for fun. Some extremely useful and practical pet accessories can help solve your concerns as a pet parent.

Choosing Apparel for Your Pets

Whether there is a family gathering taking place, party at a friend, a special occasion, or a simple road trip, dressing up your pet is always fun (and simply adorable).

Tips for new dog owners

Did you recently adopt a dog? Is your family planning to get a new puppy from the breeder? In either case, as a new dog owner, the safety and well being of your pet will be important to you.

Interesting Pet Stores in Toronto

Pet owners are lucky because pet stores in Toronto carry all sorts of essentials that you may need for your cat or dog. No matter how picky your furry friend is when it comes to food, there is a lot of variety to choose from.

Interesting Pet Stores in Toronto

Practicing and Maintaining Healthy Hygiene with your Pets

We love our pets and we spoil them in many ways, but what is crucial for their health and well-being is diligent hygiene.

Benefits of using Paws en route vs regular taxi service

Benefits of using Paws en route vs regular rideshare or taxi

Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC)

As pet owners, we can plan a lot for our loved pets and make sure they have everything they need – but sometimes unexpected issues arise.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

All dogs are loved and beautiful! But are you wondering if your dog is part of the ten most popular dog breeds?

8 Best Dog Breeds for Condo Living

Are you living in an apartment and want a dog? Worried about the small indoor space and that elevator ride down to the nearest patch of grass?

5 Fun Activities for Senior Dogs

Do you have a senior dog that you just adore? It can be hard to watch your furry loved ones grow old.

5 Fun Activities for Senior Dogs

Paws en route partners with CNIB

Paws en route is proud to partner with CNIB for the Guide Dog program.

Tips for Taking Care of Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are there for us when we need them.

How to Safely Dress Up Your Pet for Halloween

It is that time of the year again! Halloween is inching closer and the stores are full of fun items and costumes for all ages.

Dog-Friendly Hikes around GTA

Due to traveling limitations caused by COVID-19, many of us are opting for staycations and exploring different areas around Toronto.

How to Keep an Indoor Cat Active

Many cat owners prefer to keep their cats indoors.

Dogtopia: A Trusted Daycare for Dogs

Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, and you want someone to take care of your loved pet just like you do.

Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog

Winter may compel many of us to stay indoors and cozy up with a good book and fuzzy socks, but our pets may think differently.

Running with your dog? Here are some things to consider

Are you a dog owner and an ardent runner? Many runners love taking their loved pets with them when they head out.

VCA Canada Animal Hospitals

VCA Canada started as a small group of hospitals in Calgary, Alberta in 1981 and today it is known as one of the leading hospitals that provide primary health care to your loved pets.

VCA Canada Animal Hospitals

Do dogs have a sense of humor?

We may lovingly describe our dogs as loving, playful, or mischievous, but have you ever heard yourself say, “my dog has a great sense of humor”!

Tips to keep your pets safe from holiday hazards

The holiday season is in full swing and many of you may have made plans keeping the pandemic precautions in mind.

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

When it is cold outside, how do you keep your indoor pet busy?

How to take care of your cat after surgery

Cat are known to be curious by nature.

Introducing Paws en route App

We have amazing news for pet lovers and pet parents!

Toxic Food for Pets

Cats and dogs are curious by nature.

Toxic Food for Pets

CargoJet Shipping Restrictions for Domestic Pets

Traveling by air can be stressful for many of us.

How to have the best Valentine’s Day with your pet

Our pets give us unconditional love every day of the year.

How to be your cat’s best friend

Did you recently get a new cat and wondering how to befriend her?

How to be your dog’s best friend

A strong relationship between a pet and a pet parent can bring a lot of joy, contentment, and comfort.

How to be your dog’s best friend

5 Tips to Calm Anxious Cats

Like us, our loved pets can also suffer from anxiety.

5 Tips to Calm Anxious Cats

Tips for Pet-Proofing your Home

Pet parents may not even be aware of the harmful items around the house that could be potentially dangerous for their loved cat or dog.

How to calm a nervous dog before going to the groomer

When it is time to take your dog to the groomer, do you find yourself worrying about the whole process? Does your dog bark, wince, or shake out of fear or anxiety?

Summer safety tips for pets

Many pet owners will be heading back to work as the province reopens with strict safety measures and protocols. That may also bring a change to your pet’s daily routine.

Thinking of adopting a pet? Ask yourself these questions!

Deciding to adopt a pet can take a second but taking care of pets is a big commitment. Did you or your family member recently decide to adopt a cat or a dog?

Essential house cleaning tips for pet owners

Pet owners know how hard it is to keep the house clean. If you have a cat or a dog, you find hair everywhere, especially where your pets love to sit or sleep.

5 Tips to make life comfortable for senior dogs

Our bond with our old furry friends tends to get stronger with time. There is something special about loving our old pets. They are the best companions who are there for us when times get tough.

5 Ways to Help Adjust a Newly Adopted Cat

Cats are very adaptable by nature and can easily get attached to their new environment, but in many cases, if the environment is not safe, suitable, or friendly, a cat may get fearful and nervous.

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