4 Tips to Familiarize Your Cat With Their Carrier

Using a carrier is the best way to keep your cat safe, especially when you are heading out with them or taking them to the vet. But are you one of those cat parents whose kitty fears the carrier? For some cats the sight of a carrier is enough to spark panic and feelings of anxiety.

Here are some tips to help familiarize your cat with a carrier:

Placing It in a secure location

Is there a safe and happy place in the house that your cat loves? Place the cat carrier in a location where your loved kitty may want to explore it. You may find them sniffing the inside or the outside of the pet carrier. Smelling helps cats get familiar with people or objects. Once they get accustomed to the carrier, they may not fear it as much.

Comfort is key

A carrier can get comfortable and cozy with a soft warm blanket or towel. Adding a layer of comfort to the cat carrier will help them feel secure.Some cats tend to urinate out of fear or nervousness, or maybe they just need to pass urine while they are in the car. A thick towel will absorb any mess helping your cat stay clean and dry. Choose a thick towel for longer rides or a soft blanket for short rides to the vet.

Add some treats

Cats love treats! Just make sure you have the one they prefer the most. There is hardly any cat who can resist the temptation to snack on their favorite treat. Placing a few treats inside the carrier can be an incentive for them to enter. If it does not work, give them time by placing it closer to the carrier and then some inside till they walk in themselves. Do not forget to keep some treats for the journey or car ride. A little love goes a long way!

Familiar scent

Cats rely on scent when it comes to threat or familiarity. Hug your cat, play with them, and help them feel at ease especially on the day you need to take them out in a carrier. The happier they are, the more relaxed they will be when its time to get in. You may even want to place their favorite toy or stuffed toy inside the carrier for that familiar scent.

As a pet parent your cat’s safety is important to you. And it is even more important to make sure your cat is feeling safe and secure when it comes to car rides or longer journeys. A carrier does not always need to invoke feelings of fear in your kitty. Try these ideas and let us know what you think!

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