4 Ways to Safely Drive Your Pet Around Town

Whether it is a trip to the vet, the groomer or going on an adventure to your local park, or just to have a friend along for a ride, there are a lot of reasons you might want to travel with your dog.  However, safety is vital!  Since dogs and pets cannot use human seat belts, some thought may be needed to help ensure your dog is safe during the journey, and that they will not create problems for you as a driver.

There are a lot of options here.  As a highly experienced pet transportation service, these are the techniques that we personally recommend.

How to Safely Drive Your Dog in Your Car

1. Get a dog harness and a pet seatbelt clip

One of the simplest ways to safely secure your dog is with a harness that attaches to a seatbelt clip. The seatbelt clip would then snap into your car seatbelt. This is an especially good option if you want your dog riding in the car. It is important to ensure that your dog has a properly fitted harness. Be sure to research a reputable manufacturer.

2. Use a pet carrier

Pet carriers are still one of the safer ways to transport a cat or a dog, particularly if the dog is active enough that you cannot expect them to stay seated during a drive. Just be sure your pet carrier is large enough that they have room to turn around and consider adding some food or water if it is going to be a longer drive. Pet carrier should also be secured so that it does move while the vehicle is in motion.

3.  Exercise your pet prior

It is a great idea to take you dog or pet for a walk prior to getting in the car. This allows them time to strength their legs and to go to the bathroom so when it comes time to use the seatbelt clip or the pet carrier, they are more comfortable and easier to handle.  Time and patience can go a long way.

4.  Hire a pet transfer service

You do not need a pet transfer service for every trip, but it is a good idea to keep in mind. For situations where you are concerned about your pet’s safety (like if they’re sick) or you do not have access to a car, a “pet taxi” service has the knowledge and in-car tools to give them maximum safety while ensuring the pet is comfortable.

Our Team Can Help You and Your Pet

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