5 Fun Activities for Senior Dogs

Do you have a senior dog that you just adore? It can be hard to watch your furry loved ones grow old. But pet parents can enjoy time with their elderly pets and keep them active with the right activities. Your older dog may have arthritis or other health issues but there are different ways to help keep them motivated. Here are some fun and interesting activities for senior dogs:

Regular Walks:

Taking your senior dog for walks every day can help maintain their health, mobility, and muscle strength. The duration of the walk will depend on the overall health and state of your senior dog. As a pet owner, gauge the optimal walking duration for your pooch. You can take them for a brisk or slow walk, either way this would be a great way to keep them active.

Car rides:

Pet safety is extremely important when it comes to car rides. A pet harness secures your loved pet especially during car rides and it is designed to reduce harmful forces in case there is an accident or collision. You can also invest in a trunk cargo liner for longer rides. Keep your dog safe during car travel with appropriate pet accessories. It would be a good idea not to feed your dog just before a car ride. Feed them a couple of hours before you head out with them.

Teaching new tricks:

If you want to try teaching your senior dog some new tricks, start with easy ones. Learning helps keep your dog sharp. If you notice your dog is feeling confused or unsure, try to teach them simple tricks but in a very clear way. Do not combine a couple of tricks and roll them into one exercise.

Pet parents can also try using interactive toys to keep their senior dogs healthy. Interactive toys will keep your dog happy, active, and stimulated. Reward them with a treat to reinforce their good behavior.

Playing Games:

When you take your dog out for walks, take a small ball that they can try to fetch. While your older dog may not be able to run like they used to or go far to fetch the ball, this simple exercise can be a fun activity for them. If you throw a ball, angle it towards them so they do not have to jump and catch it. This is especially important if your dog has arthritis. Most dogs will enjoy playing games that involve food! Hide treats or biscuits in different places (or empty containers) so they can smell and search for them.


Swimming is a great exercise for older dogs. Swimming is a joint-friendly exercise and it also helps your senior dog burn some calories and energy. If your dog is one of those who fear water, you can also use a life jacket while teaching them how to swim. Never force your dog to get into the water. Start with a kiddie pool so they can get familiar with being in the water and train them to enter and exit so they do not get uncomfortable or stressed out.

Senior dogs need a lot of attention, care, and love. They also need proper and regular checkups by the vet. If you need a ride for your loved senior pet, Paws en route, a Toronto pet taxi service is here to provide reliable, safe, and secure transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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