5 Reasons To Get Specialized Transportation For Your Pet

We love our pets and want to give them the best care. But there are times when we have to be someplace else, or simply need help with our pets. Here are 5 situations when using pet transportation services like PAWS En Route can be the best choice.

1. Your pet has a vet appointment

Our pets have regular vet appointments for check ups, or medical care. With our work and busy lives, it is not always easy to take them to their scheduled and unscheduled appointments. Using a specialized pet transportation company takes the worry away simply by requesting a ride for your pet to and from your destination. Services such as PAWS En Route have trained drivers with the required expertise in handling pets. You can book a ride with PAWS En Route 24/7 within the Toronto and greater Ontario area.

2. Your Pet needs to get to its daycare or grooming appointment

Do you have somewhere else you have to be in a hurry and can’t take your pet to its daycare? That’s ok. Just go online (pawsenroute.com/ride) to request a ride. A pet-friendly driver will pick up your pet and safely drive it to its daycare. You can also use the transportation service to take your furry friend to its favorite grooming place. Your pet will love you for that.

3. You and your pet need to get to and from the airport

Traveling with your beloved pet is fun. However, getting to and from the airport can be challenging and stressful. Now you can easily request a ride for you and your pet within the Toronto area and get to your destination safely and comfortably.

4. Your pet wants to get social or have fun

Pets love to have fun. Book a ride to take your pet to social events, family outings and gatherings. You can also schedule a play date, and let PAWS En Route transport your pet(s) to and from the play date or visit.

5. You need help getting your pet supplies

There are times when you are not feeling well, your car may be in the shop, you’re unable to drive yourself, or can’t leave the house for some reason. In these instances when you need help, PAWS En Route can pick up and drop off your pet food supplies to you—easy and convenient.

Pet transportation services are becoming more available in different parts of the country for the convenience of pets and their owners.

PAWS En Route is the pet transportation expert of Toronto and the greater Ontario area. Rides are designed so pets can travel on their own or with their owners, in a fun and safe environment. You can request a ride online at pawsenroute.com/ride, and pay using a major credit card. There are no restrictions such as types of muzzle, crate, pet size, type, condition, time, etc. So enjoy the rides!

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