5 Things About Cats That Will Surprise You

Are you a new pet parent who just adopted a cute kitten? Maybe you just brought home an adult cat from the shelter and are surprised to see the spontaneous things a cat does! Cats are curious by nature, and they discover their surroundings in some very unique ways. Here are a few things about our furry friends that may surprise you:

Some cats actually like water!

It is a myth that cats do not like being in or around water.Some cats enjoy water! You may find your kitty loitering in or around the bathroom. You know why? They love to lounge and relax in the sink right under the faucet. Some cats who do not drink still water from their bowl, will love drinking straight from the faucet. Other cats just like to sit in the sink because of its coolness.

Not all treats are good for them

Human treats, such as chocolates, can be toxic to cats. Felines can not tolerate chocolate and consuming it can lead to health issues. They are very sensitive to certain components of chocolate and its consumption can lead to vomiting, diarrhea or other health concerns. Keep human treats away from your kitty and get cat treats from the pet store. They will love you for that!

They know what they want

When a cat knows what it wants, they know how to get it! Just when you think you are done feeding them, they will come and brush themselves against your legs because they want more. You may have to discipline your kitty especially if they tend to overeat. Do not be surprised if they get on the counter looking for it. Obesity is one of the leading causes of health concerns in cats. Some feline friends will meow at the top of their lungs if you do not give in to their tantrums.

Cats sleep a lot

Did you know cats are the top sleepers? If you ever notice your cat is sleeping most of the time, do not assume they are depressed or sick. Cats tend to be most active at dawn and most of the daytime sleeping or resting. You also may find your cat waking you up in the middle of the night for food or playtime. They are also very active during the night.

Do not close the door

One thing a cat detest is a closed door. Our feline friends are very inquisitive, and a closed door means they do not have the answers they need. Cats may be independent, but they need your company when you are at home. They also want to be involved in what you are doing. If you have a meeting and close the door for privacy, you will find your cat clawing at the door with persistent meows. An open-door policy will generally make your cat happier!

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