5 Tips to Calm Anxious Cats

Like us, our loved pets can also suffer from anxiety. Some cats may get aggressive as a result of anxiety, others may retreat and become antisocial. As a pet parent, your cat’s anxiety may be a cause of concern and worry. But there are ways to keep your pet’s anxiety under control. Here are some of the ways you can manage your loved cat’s anxiety:

Find out the reason

There may be different reasons why a cat experiences anxiety. Do loud noises make them nervous? Did you notice they went into hiding when you turned on the vacuum or if the TV was too loud? Some cats are very vulnerable to their surroundings and can easily get scared by the commotion. Make sure your cat has a safe comfortable spot they can go to for privacy.

Try a calming collar

Cat collars may work for some cats while for other cats it would not do anything. The best way to see if it works for your cat is to try them out. If you decide to bring home a new calming cat collar, do not try to put it on right away. Let your cat sniff it so they can get familiar with the scent and item. An anxious cat can get more scared if they see something new and unfamiliar.


Increase play and pet time if your cat tends to get scared easily. Playing with your loved cat or training them to perform new tasks can help improve their mood and confidence. Try using laser pointers, a game of hide and seek or other cat toys that you think they would enjoy. Thinking of different play activities for your cat can help reduce anxiety.

Check the litter box

Do you have more than one cat at home? Some cats do not like sharing their litter box with other fellow felines. If your cat is suffering from anxiety, make sure their litter is clean. If it is not cleaned regularly, they can start urinating outside the litter box or in other rooms. If you have more than one cat or pet, try to put a separate small litter box for the anxious cat so they know they do not have to share that with the others.

Try Pheromone Calming Cat Spray

Pheromone helps your kitty feel calm and comfortable by mimicking natural facial pheromones that felines use to mark their space. Now, just like calming cat collars, this may work on your cat or it simply would not. The best way to find out if it does is to try it out. In many cases, feline sprays have proven effective in calming an anxious cat so they feel safer and less stressed.

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