5 Ways to Help Adjust a Newly Adopted Cat

Cats are very adaptable by nature and can easily get attached to their new environment, but in many cases, if the environment is not safe, suitable, or friendly, a cat may get fearful and nervous. Did you recently adopt a new cat and wondering how to help your new kitty adjust to the new surrounding?

When you adopt a new cat, there are many things you can do to help them feel safe. Here are some ideas:

Provide safety

Before you bring your new kitty home, make sure you have created an exclusive safe spot for the cat. If you have another dog, cat (or any other pet), they should not be able to intrude. Initially, cats need a lot of alone time or discovery time to get used to their new environment. You could utilize a guest room in the house or a laundry room where your new cat can help feel secure and safe.

Observe them

The day you bring your adopted cat home, make sure you take them straight to the safe room that is reserved for them. Older cats take more time to adjust to new places. Sit with your new cat in the safe room and let her get comfortable with your presence. Do not force your cat to play or socialize with you. Just sit with them and let them approach you. Petting the cat gently may encourage a feeling of comfort. Leave the door open so they can come out whenever they feel like it. A relaxed surrounding can help the cat feel secure.

Be patient

No matter how beautiful or cute your new cat is, you may have to resist the urge to cuddle, hold or hug them. As hard as it may sound it is for the betterment of your loved cat. Cats generally do not like to be handled and hugged by new people. They take time to familiarize themselves with the person’s smell and presence. Patience is key when it comes to winning your feline friend’s trust.

Bring new toys

Whether your cat is a rescue cat or if you adopted them from the shelter, toys always help break the ice with our new furry friends. Playing with toys can help your cat feel relaxed. Cardboard boxes, balls, or laser pointers are all great toys for cats. If you have a scratch post, put some catnip on it so your cat has some extra fun. You can put some toys around your cat’s bed so they know it’s their spot and they can play around it. Do not be surprised if your cat comes to you with a toy, it is their way of saying, play with me!

Pet barrier

During the first few days, there may be some areas of the house where you do not want the cat to go. If you have adopted a young cat, it is best to keep them away from small nooks and corners, especially those in the basement. There may be some wire, thread, a small piece of cloth, or any other similar item that your kitty may chew. Ingesting items that can not be digested can lead to emergencies. Place a pet barrier or baby gate near the basement or any area where you think your new cat should not discover. If you have a dog or another cat in the house, a pet barrier can also help create a temporary division between your pets till they get comfortable with one another.

Every pet parent wants a safe environment for their loved pets. A comfortable, secure, and safe environment can help your new cat feel at ease. Do you need a ride to the pet store, or do you want to take your newly adopted cat to the vet? Paws en route, a Toronto pet taxi service, provides safe and timely pet transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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