8 Best Dog Breeds for Condo Living

Are you living in an apartment and want a dog? Worried about the small indoor space and that elevator ride down to the nearest patch of grass? Hey, you can still welcome a dog into your life! We reached high and found certain breeds that are just the perfect size for your home in the sky.

Here are the dog breeds that are suitable for apartment living:

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier is a bundle of fun. This breed is not just small, they are very affectionate and active. The best part is that it is a low allergen breed. They need attention so if you are planning to shower them with a lot, you have a loyal companion in a Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies can even live with other cats or pets in the house, but they do tend to get a little aggressive. If trained properly, pet parents can solve this problem of excessive barking, especially if you live in an apartment.

French bulldog

The French bulldog is an extremely popular breed and it is also ranked fourth in the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds of 2019. This dog breed is perfect for urban living companionship. Although they are active, they do not need a lot of outdoor exercises. They will be happy if you can manage to keep them busy and happy indoors. They are playful so if you know a few dog tricks, teach them and they will be joyful companions indoors.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are very loving and get along with people easily. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, these playful pups will keep you busy. They do need a lot of exercises so teach them tricks, let them work for their treats and take them for regular walks. Boson terriers have a short smooth coat so an occasional bath and brushing will help keep them looking handsome (as they are).


Pugs are cute and sturdy. They have a small body but they are known for their large round head with shortened muzzles. This is a suitable breed for apartment living and they do not make a lot of noise. Fairly laid-back, pugs are not prone to excessive barking or chewing. If you have children at home, pugs will get along just with them! Help them get some exercise everyday because they tend to gain weight easily.

Toy Fox Terrier

Intelligent and friendly (and small), Toy Fox Terrier is easy to train and they make great watchdogs as well. They can be very entertaining because of their active nature. This energetic breed loves being outdoors and needs plenty of exercises to stay happy. But do not worry, when you can not take them out, they will be happy to play in the apartment too!


Have you ever wondered why you often see Chihuahuas in purses or small carriers? Its because they are cute and small! The tiny breed weighs less than 6 pounds and their small size make them perfect for urban living. They are very affectionate, and you will find them happiest when they are with their parents. Give them company and they will love you for it.

Shih Tzu

We may be running out of synonyms for cute, but Shih Tzu is another small breed of dogs and they are great at looking adorable. Did you know Chinese nobles used to keep them as companions? Perfect for the city life and apartment living, Shih Tzu’s are affectionate and loyal. They get along famously with children and they know their social etiquettes when they see other dogs.


As you may have noticed, Dachshunds have short legs, so they do not require a lot of time outdoors. This little bundle of joy will keep you happy if you can play with them indoors in your apartment. When you do take them out, be prepared they may bark very loudly (they know how to get heard) at strangers and other dogs. A Dachshund has a strong personality in a small frame.

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