Are All Taxis & Driving Services Pet-Friendly?

When moving or traveling with pets, finding the right transportation for them isn’t always easy.  In many cases, you’ll find that some cab drivers or other transportation services might refuse to transport pets. However, in some cities, it might be easy to hail a cab to get you and your pet to the airport.

As one of today’s leading dog taxi services, the professionals from Paws en route want to make your next move or trip as easy as possible on both you and your pet. So, here is some insight into what type of transportation services are pet-friendly and why others aren’t.

Why Would Cab Drivers Adopt a “No Pets” Policy?

There are many reasons a cab driver or company might adopt a “no pets” policy. Sometimes, dogs and pets can be messy, especially if they’re nervous; they might lose control of their bladder or get sick on the way to their new location. In such scenarios, getting the smell out of the upholstery can be extremely difficult.

Additionally, some drivers might also be allergic to dogs or cats, making it tough for them to transport pets without also suffering an allergic reaction.

Why Taxis Might Allow Pets?

In some cases, taxi drivers might allow pets because they’re pet lovers or sympathize with the difficulty of transporting them. Transporting pets might also mean a few extra bucks in their pockets as well.

What is the Pet Policy of Uber & Lyft?

Unlike taxi companies, Uber and Lyft drivers are using their own vehicles, which means they can decide who to transport and who not to transport. However, be sure to discuss the fact you want to transport a pet before getting into the vehicle, because some drivers charge very expensive cleanup fees should your pet have an accident.

Often, the easiest thing to do is call or message the driver before he or she arrives and discuss your situation with them; if they’re unwilling to give you and your pet a ride, you can simply find another one that will.

What’s the Best Way to Find a Pet-Friendly Taxi?

If you want to make finding a taxi to transport your four-legged friend easy on yourself, contact a dog taxi service directly. Such companies, like Paws en route, offer reasonable rates and have experience transporting pets of all types and temperaments.  They have pet experienced drivers as well as cars equipped with pet seat belts and other safety equipment.  Safety matters; pet are fur-kids!

Let us help you get your pooch from point A to point B!

Want to ensure you and your pet remain safe and comfortable while traveling?  Contact Paws en route today to learn more about our dog taxi services and pet air transport solutions.

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