Are You Looking For a Reputable Breeder?

You and your family have decided you want a new puppy to join the family. But how do you make sure you are reaching out to the right breeder? These days it is easy to post and respond to an ad. With so many ads and so many options to choose from, the right way would be to reach out to ethical breeders. Everyone has their preference, some people prefer going for rescue pets, others adopt them from their local pet store and some reach out to breeders.

Here are some of the things to look out for:

Do Your Homework:

Some people may see a dog or a cat of a certain breed and decide they want the same. Later, they may realize it is not what they want. Instead of sending your pet to a shelter, it is better to do some research and study what personality or temperament would be suitable for your household. It is advisable to discuss the same with family members, so everyone makes a collective decision.

Have You Visited Them?

Paying a visit to the breeder’s home or kennel will help you see and get some background information about your future pet. Moreover, visiting the breeder’s place will also give you a better idea about how the pets are being treated, what they are being fed, and what environment your potential cat or dog coming from. Are the puppies healthy, well fed and properly raised?

Observe Their Environment:

Observing your new pet’s environment will tell you about the reputation of the breeder. Where do the puppies live? Are they handled often? Do they have health and testing results available for the cat or dog? These are all common questions that cross one’s mind when deciding to get a new pet from the breeder. You can also check or ask for a breeder’s references.

Can They Answer Your Questions?

A good breeder will be willing to answer all your questions and concerns. They will also have some references from former customers and vets. A good breeder can ask you questions too. They can interview you to make sure their puppies are going to a good reliable home and a safe environment.

Final note:

Before you make any decision, it is best to do some breed research, so you don’t end up returning the pet to the breeder. For those who have already made up their minds and are already in touch with the breeder, Paws en route provides safe and convenient transportation from the breeder to the owner.

Paws en route is diligently monitoring COVID-19 situation closely and we will continue to keep our pet transportation services available to the communities we serve.  We will be there for your pet taxi needs to drive your loved pets to the veterinary clinic in a safe and timely manner.

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