Benefits of using Paws en route vs regular taxi service

Benefits of using Paws en route vs regular rideshare or taxi

Unlike regular rideshare or taxi services, Paws en route is a transportation services company that ensures pet owners have an alternative means to transport their beloved pets to and/or from various destinations.

Here are some of the benefits of using Paws en route vs regular rideshares or taxi service:

Unique Services:

Paws en route is a unique service because it is tailored to facilitate the needs of your pets. As a pet owner, your pet’s health and safety is important to you. And we believe pets deserve attention and care, so they are transported in a safe, hygienic and secure manner. At Paws en route, we schedule delivery or transport of pets to:

  • Regularly scheduled veterinary appointments
  • Emergency veterinary clinics
  • Grooming/spa appointments
  • Dog Day Care
  • Airline Travel
  • Leisure visits with family members & friends
  • Dog parks and play dates
  • Pet therapy sessions
  • Kennels

Experienced drivers

Paws en route prides itself on transporting pets in a safe and fun environment. Our drivers are experienced at handling pets, are knowledgeable in the health and well-being of pets, and will always ensure the safety of pets. Paws en route’s drivers love animals. They have experience with pets, can assist the pet parents in keeping the stress levels of their pet to a minimum and understand the needs of animals in transport.

Pet safety protocols

As a pet transportation company, Paws en route takes safety protocols very seriously. Our car seats are secured with a pet harness that keeps them secure. We thoroughly clean the vehicle before the next pick up or drop of the ride. Our vehicles are tested for safety and we do not comprise when it comes to your pet’s safety during rides.

Knowledge about pets

Paws en route’s drivers are not just knowledgeable about pets, they are friendly, reliable, and will respect the property and surroundings where the pet is being picked up and delivered. Paws en route ensure that its drivers are properly insured. As pet lovers, our drivers know how to calm a stressed or anxious pet.


Many taxis and on-call rideshare services do not allow pets at all or have strict rules on what sorts of pets they will take. Paws en route is a reliable pet service that will not cancel a ride and will ensure the safe transportation of your loved pet. Not everyone has the time, energy, and equipment to handle their own pet transportation. If you rely on public transportation, finding vehicles that accept dogs or cats can be difficult.

Do you have to get somewhere? Do you need a ride with your pet? Paws en route is here for you! Paws en route, a Toronto pet taxi service provides safe and timely pet transportation to any local destination you have in mind. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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