Caring For Your Pup’s Paws In Winter


Winter can be a tough season for our pets. It is the season when the sun sets early, and your pets may not be able to enjoy the sun as much. Cats keep themselves busy indoors, but your loved dog will need their regular walks every day. The cold season comes with its own challenges and oneof them includes your pet’s paw safety.

Here is how you can care for your pup’s paws in the winter season:

Clear the driveway

Salt may be great for helping melt the ice on the driveway,but it can be very harmful to your pet’s paws. Prolonged contact with salt can lead to bruises. Additionally, de-icers can cause irritation and burns. And if your dog licks the salt off from the paws, it can also lead to an upset stomach and other health issues. Clearing the driveway or helping your pup stay away from the salt can help keep their paws safe.

Paw hygiene

Do you have a dog with long hair? Another common reason whydogs get sore paws in winter is due to the ice balls that form between the pads and toes of hairy dogs. Pet parents can reduce the risk of ice balls by keeping their pup’s paw hair trimmed and neat. Hairy paws can also retain salt, so itis best to trim their hairy feet throughout winter.

Keep walks short

Anticipating the weather conditions can help schedule regular walks with your pet. If possible, plan ahead and take your pup out for a walk when the sun is out, and the snowfall has not started. Keeping the walks short can also help build cold-weather tolerance in your pet. If it gets too chilly, invest in a pair of booties for your loved dog to keep them warm and safe. If your pet is not fond of booties, keep a towel near the door so you can wipe their paws dry as soon as you return from the walk.

Use paw balm

Pet parents can also buy dog paw creams and balms to keep paws moisturized and soft. Cold weather tends to over dry the skin and cause dehydration. With hydrated paws, you can prevent cracking and splitting of the skin. Dog paw balms are thick ointments that are applied to the skin of your dog’s paw pads. They are specifically made to be non-toxic and safe for dogs.

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