Choosing Accessories for Your Pets

Not all accessories are just for fun. Some extremely useful and practical pet accessories can help solve your concerns as a pet parent. We have curated a list of handy accessories that could make your and your loved pet’s life safer and healthier:  

Pet tracker:

Pet tracker

A pet tracker is a great accessory to have if your cat or dog is super mischievous by nature and tends to get into the discovery mode often! Pet trackers are perfect for outdoor cats that venture out on their own. A tracking device will help you figure out where they are when they get out of sight. Even a small breed dog can wear a tracking device especially if there are chances that they can get out and take off. Do your homework before you invest in a pet tracker because there are many kinds of pet trackers out there.

Cat Litter Mat Trapper:

Litter Mat Trapper

Cats tend to get messy (at times) when they are using the litter box. At times they are just too excited to see fresh litter and can not contain their happiness! Instead of bending to clean the area repeatedly, you can see a cat litter mat trapper, so the mess just accumulates in one place. This will allow you to just slide it all out in the bin whenever you decide to clean the area.

Pet Dog Trunk Cargo Liner:

Pet Cargo Liner

Whether you are taking your dog in the car for a short ride or a long drive, you want to make sure the trip is hassle-free. You want your dog to be comfortable in the car, but you also want the car cabin to stay clean and tidy. Installing a cargo liner is extremely helpful because it preserves the trunk and protects the area from minor or major spills, dirt, or scratches.

Pet Harness:

Pet harness

A safety pet harness is great for the car and everyday use. A pet harness secures your loved pet especially during car rides and it is designed to reduce harmful forces in case there is an accident or collision. You do not need any accessory to accompany a pet harness. It just requires a seat belt in the rear seat of the vehicle, and it can also be used as a walking harness. When choosing a harness make sure it provides several different places for adjustment. We also recommend that you purchase a harness that has been crash tested and certified.

Water fountain:

Water fountain

Let us admit, some cats and dogs just do not like drinking water. You may be changing the water regularly to keep it fresh, but your cat may insist drinking it right out of the tap! Is it the sound that attracts them? Is it fresh water? We do not know, but there is a good solution for this. Water fountains for dogs and cats may do the trick. Set up and plug in the water fountain and see it flow. It may take a few days for your pet to get accustomed to the idea, but chances are they will love it!

Cooling Pet Mat:

Pet Cooling Mat

There are different kinds of cooling pet mats. Some come with gel, some with water and there is one with memory foam that is great for senior dogs. Gel mats are extremely popular among pet parents because they are low maintenance and easy to clean. Dog cooling mat is the perfect accessory and solution to keep your pet safe from heatstroke, dehydration, and overheating during these hot summer days. You can use cooling pet mats in the house, your yard, in the car, or even take it along while traveling.

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