Choosing The Right Pet Sitter

Are you a pet parent who is traveling soon and looking for a pet sitter? One of the hardest things for a pet parent is to leave their loved pet with someone else, even if it is for a day or two! You may experience feelings of anxiety and decide to leave your pet with a friend or your parents. But what if you can not leave your furry friend with family or friends?

Here is how you can choose the right pet sitter for your beloved pet:

Do your research

Researching online and offline is the best starting point. Many reliable pet sitters have job postings online and they are also willing to provide references. Offline, you can ask your family and friends if they know any trustworthy pet sitters who can take care of your loved pet while you are away. Look for local service providers online and check their website for reviews.

Call and talk

Once you have done your research it is time to make a list! Making a list is a great way to get started on the actual task of shortlisting potential pet sitters. Calling and setting up interviews are a good way for pet parents to assess comfort level with the pet sitter. Talking to potential candidates also helps in asking questions about their past experience as pet sitters. You may have questions about their professional training, certifications, or other credentials.

Set up a meeting

Introducing your pet to the sitter will help you gauge if they are comfortable in each other’s company. You can observe how they interact with each other. It is important to note if your pet sitter looks calm, composed, professional and capable of managing your pet. You can also take your pup out for a stroll with the potential sitter and observe the comfort level.

Discuss your pet’s needs

It is important to discuss your pet’s unique needs with the potential sitter. If your dog is very active, they may require more regular walks and more playtime. If you are leaving your senior dog with the petsitter, make sure they are experienced enough to give that special attention. Let them know about any playtime restrictions, medicines, or other concerns.

Choosing the right pet sitter is not always easy but it is doable. And remember you are doing the best you can. Are a new pet owner heading out to meet a potential pet sitter? Need a ride with your furry friend? Paws enroute, a GTA based pet taxi service, provides safe and timely pet transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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