Dental Pain in Pets

Sadly, our pets can not speak when they are in pain. They hide it well. They cannot vocalize their feelings of discomfort or anguish. It is up to the pet owner to look out for any uncommon behavior, unusual changes, or discomfort. As a pet owner, the wellbeing and safety of your pets is a priority. If dental pain or dental issues in pets are unnoticed or remain unresolved, they can result in severe health problems such as tooth extraction or infections.

Here are some common signs of dental pain in pets:

Bad Breath:

If your cat or dog is suffering from dental disease or infection, they may develop a strong case of bad breath. You may try brushing their teeth or using oral rinse for pets, but if the odor persists, it could be a sign that your pet needs to get checked by their vet. There may be underlying reasons behind the strong odor, such as dental or gum disease, kidney problems, oral tumors, or maybe they ate something toxic.

Are They Eating Differently?

Do you notice a change in their eating habits? Is your cat or dog chewing from one side of the mouth and dropping food in the process? If they are feeling uncomfortable, they may even turn away from food, look a bit grumpy and they may not even be grooming themselves as much they used to. Pet owners know their pets well, if you see any abnormal behavior in them, make a note and discuss all the points with the vet.

There May Be No Sign:

Cats are famous for hiding their pain. They may get reclusive and hide in cozy corners if they are not feeling well. You may find that your dogs are not playful or not feeling active enough. Dogs, cats and our other furry friends including rabbits do not necessarily show signs of pain. In that case, it’s best to watch for any other abnormalities or changes in routine behavior.


If you notice that your pet’s mouth is bleeding, it could be due to a variety of reasons such as tooth problems, ulcers on tongue or gum, an oral mass, or laceration. Some of the common areas where you will find blood is on their toys, bedding, or around the food dish. Since pets are naturally curious, they may even eat or bite on something that could cause injury to the inside of their mouth.

If you notice anything uncommon or any of the signs above, schedule an appointment with the vet so they can do a proper check. In these uncertain times, Paws en route, a Toronto pet taxi service, is providing safe and timely pet transportation to the animal hospital or the Vet Emergency Clinic so your loved pets can get the care and treatment they deserve.

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