Dogtopia: A Trusted Daycare for Dogs

Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, and you want someone to take care of your loved pet just like you do. You may wonder if there is anyone who can pay attention to their needs, help them socialize, and offer a safe atmosphere while you are away. Dogtopia is an accredited and trusted daycare center that specializes in dog care. Experienced in taking care of different dog breeds, temperaments, and sizes, Dogtopia may just be the place you can trust when it comes to pet care.

What does Dogtopia offer?


Whether you are planning for a day trip or a week-long vacation, Dogtopia provides a safe and secure atmosphere where your pet can feel comfortable. Pet parents often worry about how their pets will stay active, whether they will be given the proper food and if their needs will be met. Dogtopia daycare includes activities for socialization, education, and exercise. For pet owner’s ease of mind, they also provide HD webcams during open play, regular updates and conversations so you can stay informed. Safety protocols such as separated playrooms, certified Canine Coaches, pet-friendly cleaning supplies, compressed rubber floors, and separate HVAC’s ensure the safety of your pet. If you want to know more about how Dogtopia structures a typical day in their daycare, read more here. They allow sufficient time for play, exercise, and naps so your pet can maintain a healthy and regular schedule while they are there.


Planning to go on a vacation or a work trip? Dogtopia provides short-term and long-term dog boarding. During their staycation, your pets will be put into supervised playrooms depending on size, play style, and temperament! This customized approach helps your pet feel comfortable and they get to enjoy up to 11 hours of open play that features mental and physical stimulation designed to improve their manners and behaviour. Can it get any better? After a full day of exercise and playtime they get to rest in home-style crates in the same room they were playing in, so they feel adjusted and safe. If your dog is not a fan of crates, they also provide suite upgrades. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their own food to maintain their regular diet and to avoid any indigestion issues.


For many pet owners, bathing their loved pets at home is not easy. In fact, it turns into a struggle where the pet parent gets wet in the process. Bathing pets can be messy, time-consuming, and stressful, especially if your pet does not cooperate! Dogtopia takes care of that by offering spa time for your dog. If you are worried about the products that are used, the dog spa uses hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and products that are great for the dog’s skin and coat. Dogtopia’s spa treatments include baths, brush-outs, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail trims.

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