Ensuring Smooth Pet Relocation: Tips to Prevent Travel Delays

Relocating pets can be challenging, and understanding potential delays can help streamline the process. At Paws en Route, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your pets throughout their journey. Here are common factors that might delay your pet’s travel plans and how our services can help mitigate them:

Health Certificates and Vaccinations

One of the most common delays in pet relocation is missing or incomplete health certificates. Ensure your pet has up-to-date vaccinations and health documentation before travel. Paws en Route assists with all necessary paperwork to comply with international and domestic regulations.

Airline Restrictions

Airlines, including WestJet, have specific rules regarding pet travel. For example, WestJet’s pet policy may restrict certain breeds, and understanding the WestJet pet fee structure is crucial. At Paws en Route, we are familiar with policies from various airlines, including WestJet pets, to ensure compliance and avoid delays.

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions can delay international pet transport. Airlines might impose embargoes during high temperatures or severe cold. Paws en Route keeps track of weather forecasts and works with airlines to reschedule flights if necessary to ensure the safety of your pets.

IPATA Pet Shippers

Working with IPATA pet shippers ensures a high standard of care and professionalism. Paws en Route is IPATA certified, which means we adhere to stringent guidelines for international pet shipping and pet shipping within Canada. This certification helps minimize delays caused by improper handling or non-compliance with regulations.

Quarantine Regulations

Certain countries have strict quarantine regulations which can delay international pet flights. Researching destination-specific requirements is essential. Our team at Paws en Route provides detailed information on quarantine laws and helps you prepare in advance to avoid surprises.

Documentation Issues

Incomplete or incorrect documentation can cause significant delays. Paws en Route ensures all paperwork is correctly filled out and submitted on time, reducing the risk of delays due to documentation errors.

Airline Cargo Space

Limited cargo space for pets can cause delays, especially during peak travel seasons. Booking in advance is crucial. Paws en Route works closely with airlines to secure cargo space for pets on your desired flights, ensuring timely travel.

Final Thoughts

Understanding these potential delays and preparing accordingly can make the pet relocation process smoother. At Paws en Route, we specialize in providing comprehensive pet relocation services in Canada and globally. Whether you are using WestJet pets for domestic travel or need assistance with international pet flights, our expertise ensures a seamless experience. Trust us to handle the logistics, so you can focus on reuniting with your furry family member without unnecessary delays.

For more information on our services and how we can assist with your pet’s travel plans, contact Paws en Route today.

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