Ensuring the Best Experience When Using A Pet Transfer Service

When you need to transfer your pet across town, or the country, you want to make sure their needs are served in every way.  Travel can be scary for pets – they need a pet transfer service that will cater to their needs, make them feel comfortable and properly prepare for the journey.

We specialize in giving your pets the best possible treatment at Paws en route – and here are some of our tips for making the journey as fun as possible!

Five Tips for A Great Experience with Pet Transfer Services

  1. Look for a service with an emphasis on comfort and safety

You don’t want to trust your pet to any random ride-sharing service – after all, they might not even take pets!  Look for services that specialize in pet transportation, with pet experienced drivers who love animals, have the proper safety equipment (e.g. pet seat belts) and want to see them treated well.  This can make all the difference if you want your pet to have a great ride.

  1. Be clear about who is being transported

A pet transfer service shouldn’t have any surprises when they arrive for the pick-up.  Be sure to give them all the details for your pet, particularly if any special arrangements need to be made.  Informing them ahead of time allows them to prepare.

  1. Try to bring your own carrier

Riding in cars or planes can make a pet anxious and having something from home will make them feel more relaxed.  Bringing a familiar pet carrier is a good way to accomplish this.  If possible, give them a familiar-smelling blanket, or favorite toy, as well.

  1. Tell the service about their training

If you have special command words that your pets are trained to respond to, be sure that the transfer service knows about them.  This will help them keep your pet calm and happy during the ride. If you use specific treats as part of their training, give some to the service to use.

  1. Take some hygienic measures

Look for a company that that is aware of pet hygienic requirements.  Our drivers carry towels which can be placed in pet carriers as required, wet-naps, environmental and pet friendly disinfectants, air fresheners and disposal bags.  It could be a long trip!

Paws en route Is Here

Paws en route is a transportation service that specializes in pet transfer services.  With options for ground or air travel, we’ll see your pet ride in style!  Contact us to book your ride today!

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