Got a New Kitten? How to Keep Your New Pet Safe

Getting a new pet is exciting. You welcome a new member into the house, and you try to find ways of entertaining them, making them feel at home and bringing the best food for them! But what about safety? While trying to help them adjust to the new environment, we often overlook the small things that could matter the most.

If you have just welcomed a new fur-baby into your family, there are certain proactive steps you can take to safeguard the wellness of your kitten:

Keep the plants out of reach:

Cats are naturally curious, and kittens are super inquisitive! To quench their thirst for knowledge (and sneakiness), they might try to sniff, taste or touch house plants. There are chances your kitten will try to climb on tables and chair and there are several house plants that are poisonous for cats. Floral arrangements in a vase may also entice your kitten to taste the petals or leaves. Just make sure these flowers or plants are out of their reach.

Have you checked the nooks and corners?

Kittens love to explore everything that falls under their gaze. They will jump at the opportunity to discover new items, it could be a hair tie, coins, yarn, pins, you name it they have their eye on it! If the kitten swallows an undigestible item accidentally it may have to be removed surgically. To ensure your pet’s safety and security in the house, it would be beneficial to keep these small items hidden. Safe toys such as asmall ball are safe to play with so you can leave those around.

Keep hazardous items hidden:                                    

If you leave your bathroom or kitchen closet open, don’t be surprised if you find your kitten inside making rounds and inspecting all items. If you have cleaning sprays, detergents, insect killers or other pesticides in those closets, make sure the cupboard doors are closed properly so your pet’s safety is not compromised.

Notice Something Odd?

If you think your kitten is not eating properly, hiding or if his/her bowel movements are not regular, it would be beneficial to see the doctor for further assistance.

Need a Ride?

If you don’t have access to a car or you are concerned about your pet’s safety and need to visit your vet, Paws en route is a top pet transportation service in Toronto. The staff at Paws en route has pet safety as our number one priority.  If you need a safe pet taxi to the vet, contact us to book a ride!

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