Grooming Styles for Dogs

Summer is here and you must be super excited about taking your dogs to the park for walks and playtime. Have you helped them prepare for all the pet socializing? Many pet parents are scheduling grooming or veterinarian appointments to make sure their pets are in great shape. Before you schedule your next visit with the groomer, let us check out some pet grooming styles so your dog can rock the new summer look!

Does your dog need a new summer look? Check out the names and descriptions of the top five most popular dog grooming styles:

Standard Puppy Cut

One of the most popular styles requested by pet owners, the standard puppy cut compliments a variety of dogs. The pet groomer cuts your dog’s hair the same length and the length can be suggested by the pet parent. This cut is also known as the kennel trim.

Teddy Bear Trim

If you ask the groomer for a teddy bear trim, they will trim the hair around the face and head that is longer than the body’s fur. This style leaves the legs round and full. For summer you could ask the groomer to cut the hair shorter than usual. This trim requires maintenance after every 6 to 8 weeks.

The Summer Cut

The summer cut is perfect for the hot summer. With this cut the groomer removes your dog’s heavy coat. Except for the tail and ears, most of the body hair is cut short so your dog can feel fresh! Big dogs with heavy fur feel the heat, this style will help them feel comfortable.

Lamb Cut:

This is another popular cut for summer. Body and head hair are cut short in a lamb cut and this style is popular among long-haired dogs and poodles.

Lion Cut:

As the name suggests, the lion trim makes your dog look like a little cub. The hair around the jaw and head are kept longer while the body fur is shaved close to the skin. Lion trims are high maintenance and require a grooming session once a week.

Have you decided which trim you need for your loved dog? Whether you have a groomer in mind or if you are still searching for one, Paws en route is a Toronto pet taxi service that provides safe and timely pet transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today so your pet is ready for summer!

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