Here’s What You Should Know About Hiring A Pet Taxi Service

Transporting a pet around a city can be extremely difficult.  Pets are often banned from public transportation, and a regular taxi or Uber-style services give their drivers a lot of leeway in refusing to transport pets.  Occasionally exceptions can be made, such as if the pet is in a carrier or is small enough to fit inside a handbag, but overall it can be extremely difficult to transport a pet if you don’t have (or don’t want to use) your own car.

Fortunately, a new alternative has appeared, giving pet owners better options in transportation: pet taxi services. If you need to move your pet around, they can easily be the best way for your pet to ride!

Why Pet Taxi Services Are A Good Idea

  • Guaranteed transport

If you’re attempting to call a cab or an Uber, there’s no guarantee they’ll take your pet.  You might have to make a dozen phone calls, just to find a driver willing to transport a fur baby.  However, with pet taxi services, you know they’ll say yes!  All it takes is a phone call.

  • Specialized equipment

Pet taxi services have usually outfitted their vehicles specifically for the safety and comfort of Pets.  Their vehicles are climate-controlled and can be adjusted to match the needs of the pet.  They also usually include special equipment, such as dog harnesses, to increase safety and comfort.  In addition, expect to see amenities such as food and water bowls.

In short, it’s a service that’s specifically focused on the comfort and safety of your pet!

  • Animal-loving and Pet-experienced drivers

Even if a taxi or Uber driver is willing to take in a pet, that’s no guarantee that they’ll be happy about it!  The drivers of pet taxi services love pets, and genuinely want your pet to be as comfortable as possible.  That friendliness will go a long way towards making the trip go more smoothly.

  • Reasonable rates

Pet taxi service rates will vary considerably between different services.  At the very least, expect to pay as much as you would for a human taxi.  However, the charges can vary.  These pet taxi service rates can vary depending on the level of amenities involved.

  • Fully insured and Bonded

Pet taxi and pet transportation service can come in all shapes and sizes.  When trusting your pet to a professional business, it is important that they are insured and bonded.  This is not for when something goes wrong but rather it is an indicator of a business that has policies and procedures in place to avoid any problems for happening.

Paws en route specializes in high-quality pet transportation in Canada, with reasonable rates you can afford, fully insured and bonded.  If you want your pet to travel in comfort and style, click here to book a ride!

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