How to be your cat’s best friend

Did you recently get a new cat and wondering how to befriend her? Is she/ he keeping to herself and not socializing with you? Introducing a furry friend to a new household can be special and at times, challenging. Every pet parent wants their loved pet to feel warm and welcome in their new home.

Here are some ideas on how to be your cat’s best friend:

Let them approach you

Cats are very independent, and they do not like being chased or showered with unwanted attention. If your cat is new, let him or her discover their surroundings and come to you. They may even get scared if you chase them around the house too much. Once they are comfortable with their new environment, they will come and sniff you (again and again) till they are ready to bond with their new Human.

Establish regular playtime!

There is nothing a kitty likes more than being showered with attention (once you have been accepted as their Human). You may have a hectic schedule, or you may be tired after a long day or work, but make sure you play with your new furry friend. Establishing a regular routine for playtime can help your cat socialize more and develop confidence that they can reach out to you if they feel like playing! Whether its morning or evening, set a time to play with your cat and you will be surprised how they come to you at the established time after a routine has been set.

Get their favourite treats

The way to a cat’s heart is through treats. There, we told you the big secret. But not just any treats, if your cat is a new family member in the house, you may have to try a few brands till you find the right one. With so many options available in pet stores, there will be that one treat brand that your cat will come to adore. Find that winner and keep it in the house so you can reward your cat when she/he does something amazing or if they need a little pick me up.

Make a safe spot

Every cat loves privacy and a sense of warm cozy comfort. You may find your kitty trying to get into cozy spots such as your closet, between cushions, under a fresh pile of laundry or on your lap. Do not forget to give them a head or neck massage if you want to secure those extra brownie points with them. Cats love to cuddle (when THEY want to) so be prepared for some tantrums till they find their favorite spot to relax. You can also bring a fluffy blanket and keep it on their bed for some extra softness. But let us tell you, they might love your blanket more and sleep on it when you are away!

Get a scratch post

Scratch posts are great for kittens because they have a lot of energy. Instead of scratching and tearing away your sofas, they can utilize scratch posts and feel satisfied. But knowing cats have a mind of their own, especially if you have adopted an older cat, do not be surprised if they use your sofa as a scratch post. A scratching post is great for a cat’s health, it can help keep their paws in shape and it is an effective exercise session for your kitty.

Keep their litter clean

If there is one thing cats detest, its dirty litter. Pet parents who truly care for their loved cats will keep the litter clean or change it regularly. Do not be surprised if you see your cat playing with the fresh litter! If you notice your cat is scratching the sides of the litter box, it might be an indication that they are not happy with the condition of the box. Cats like a clean place to relieve themselves and are sensitive to odors that build up. Scratching is often a clue that the litter box needs cleaning.

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