How to be your dog’s best friend

A strong relationship between a pet and a pet parent can bring a lot of joy, contentment, and comfort. If you shower a lot of attention and love on your pets, you can easily strengthen your bond with them. Did you recently get a new dog and wondering how to be their best friend?

Here are some ideas to help you nurture your relationship with your loved pet:

Understand their moods

Learn about your dog’s moods through observation. You can get to know about their temperament and personality after spending time with them. If your dog is new in the house, it may take them some time to settle down and get used to the new surrounding. Till then, patience is key, let them navigate and get comfortable with you. Dogs express themselves in different ways, like making different noises, staying silent, or maybe by looking at you a certain way.

Watch their body language

A dog’s body language is the best indicator of how they are feeling. If your dog is feeling threatened, anxious, or scared they will back away from you. And if they are in a relaxed and happy mood, they will approach you, wag their tail or even have a happy expression on their face! Is your dog barking a lot? An aggressive dog may growl and bark to get your attention. Excessive barking or extreme silence could also indicate a health issue.

Give them space

Create a safe and secure spot for your dog. Is there an area in the house they are particularly fond of? Maybe they like to sit near the window! Place a dog bed, a few cushions, and some toys where they love to relax. That could be their favorite space to sit, relax or sleep. Just like humans, our pets can also feel the need to unwind and relax, especially when they are feeling overwhelmed. With time and experience, you will get to know your dog’s body language, moods, and need for some time to be alone.  

Get the best food

If your dog is a new member of the house, you may have to dedicate some time to figure out their food preferences. With so many pet food brands in the market, the task and choice can get overwhelming. Ask your vet for some food recommendations. If your new pet is a picky eater, it may take a few experiments and trials to find food that your dog likes. And when you do, your dog will love you for it!

Regular health checkups

A healthy pet is a happy pet! Taking your dog for regular health checkups can help avoid unexpected issues. Pet owners should make sure their dog is up to date with vaccinations, worming, and grooming. If you have a dog who has prevalent health conditions, making sure you have all their medications at home can be extremely helpful in keeping them healthy and happy.

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