How To Care for Your Pet When You’re Not Home

During the pandemic, many of us were working from home. Some offices are preparing to welcome employees back while others may be opting for a hybrid work schedule. Whether you are heading back to work or going out of town, you must be worried about your pets being all alone. Pet parents do not need to worry because there are plenty of ways to keep your pets from getting bored when you are away!

Here is how you can care for your pet when you are not at home:

Make them independent!

Our pets can have fun on their own if they have enough toys! Your cat or dog may have a preferred toy, one that they enjoy playing with. If you are heading out for the entire day, make sure they are well stocked. Place their favorite toy or a ball in two or three different rooms they can find it easily. With enough fun items to play with, they will be able to keep themselves busy.

Provide a safe environment

Leave the house as organized as possible. Small items can be harmful, especially for kittens and puppies. Curious by nature, younger pets tend to discover their surroundings and may try to chew anything small that comes their way. Make sure the house or room is clean. Laptop, phone cables, or other small items should be stowed away for safety. If you feel your dog has anxiety, crate training can be helpful.

Help them feel tired

If you have a kitten or a puppy at home, it is best to play with them early in the morning so they can exhaust their energy! Chances are that after you leave the house, they will be so tired they will prefer to rest. If you have an older dog, you can plan and take them for a walk in the morning so they can get their exercise. They will not be as active if they have channeled their energy earlier in the day. Giving them food after exercise will also help them feel satiated and they would love a good old nap after you leave.

Try not to be overprotective

Many of us are guilty of showering our pets with hugs just before leaving the house. Nothing wrong with hugs, of course, but if you are planning to leave it is better to let your pet stay where they are or need to be. It is also a good idea to leave the TV on or some music playing in the background. Leave the blinds or curtains open so your pet can sit and enjoy the view.

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