How to have the best Valentine’s Day with your pet

Our pets give us unconditional love every day of the year. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let them know how much we care! Pet parents love spoiling their furry friends on other days too but there is something special about Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas that can help you celebrate this day with your loved pets:

Get their favorite treat

You may not prefer to give your pet their favorite treats often but make this day special for them. Keep your cat or dog active, playful, and happy by hiding their favorite treat in random places so they can find and eat them! Do you love baking homemade pet treats? Why not make heart-shaped cookies for your dog? We are pretty sure they will love you for going the extra mile!

Enjoy a car ride

Does your pet enjoy a car ride? Your cat may not be in love with car rides but let us be honest; where do we take them except when paying a visit to the vet! Change things up and book a ride for your pet so they can enjoy a pet taxi ride to the pet store, your friend’s house or to the ice cream shop. The goal of this trip is to make sure your pet enjoys the ride without having to fear anything.

How about some bird music?

Cats, particularly our indoor feline friends, love listening to the sound of birds. Try playing some bird music on your laptop and watch their level of alertness! They may roam around the house looking for a bird. Your dog does not like bird music? Animals even love relaxing music, watch your dog or cat blink slowly when you play some soothing melodious tune. Just make sure the volume is not too loud, so they do not get scared.

Gift a new toy

Pet stores have such a great selection of toys. If your cat is famous for hiding toys all around the house or in secret places, this is the time to gift them some new ones. Show them how much you care with a new squeaky toy for the dog or a small bouncy ball for your kitty. Make Valentine’s Day extra special for your cat by gifting them a brand-new laser pointer!

Take them for a stroll

This may apply to a dog because which pupper does not love going out for a walk. Cats do enjoy outdoors but they love being on their own and that does not sound suitable for Valentine’s Day, does it? Is your cat afraid of the outdoors? Open the curtains or blinds and let them watch the sights and sounds outside. If the weather is nice, open a window and let them sniff the great outdoors! Take your dog for a longer walk so they know it is a special day for them.

How about a new bed?

Have you been thinking of getting an extra plush, luxurious bed for your cat or dog? This would be a good time to get rid of the old one (make sure your pet does not get offended) and make space for a new bed. The aim is to make your pet feel extra special. Their new bed is a place where they can sit and feel like royalty. This would be the perfect opportunity for a photo op!

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