How to Keep an Indoor Cat Active

Many cat owners prefer to keep their cats indoors. Outdoor cats tend to slip out at every chance they get and some even get into trouble like getting injured or bruised. They are also more susceptible to getting diseases passed on by other cats if they get into contact with them. Indoors cats can stay safe and active, here are some ideas to keep your feline friends happy:

Get them a cat tree:

Most cats enjoy playing on the cat tree. They love to stretch out, scratch, climb, and indulge in antics on it. Pick the right tree for your cat and make sure it is tall enough so the cat can really stretch out. There are different kinds of cat trees available in pet stores and if you have space, then the taller the better it is. Cats like being where all the action is, do not place the cat tree in a quiet corner. Place it where your cat prefers to spend time.

Play with the laser pointer:

You can not go wrong with the laser because cats love it! Playing with a laser is a great way to keep your cat active and playful. When playing with a laser pointer, pet safety is crucial. Make sure never to point the laser beam directly into your cat eyes. Do you have kids at home? Inform them so they do not make this mistake. Laser pointers keep cats physically active and mentally stimulated. If you have some empty space in your house, it is a great way to make them run and chase the beam.

Make a spot by the window:

Indoor cats love looking outdoors. They can see and follow the movement of the birds and squirrels. You can place a cat bed, scratch post or cat tree near the window so they sit or play while looking outside. This window view can be your cats’ cat tv! This is the best way to give your indoor feline friend access to the outside view while keeping them protected and safe. Looking out can stimulate their mind and keep them entertained for a long time.

Create a hunting experience:

What if your cat can not go out, create a hunting experience for them indoors! Hide their favorite treats in different places so they can find them. . There are different ways of creating a hunting experience with your cat indoors. A cat’s sense of smell is strong, and they usually find what they are looking for. Does your cat have a favorite toy? Bring it out and make them play with it. Reward them with a treat so they feel they did something good!

Take them for short walks:

Indoor cats can safely go for short outdoor walks with you if you have a harness. Cat harness comes in different sizes so you can purchase one that would be a good fit for your kitty. With the harness safely secured, cat owners can take their loved feline friends around the block or to the nearest park for a walk. Let them smell some flowers, watch some birds, and take in the scent of fresh grass. If your cat has never been on a leash, it would be best to practice indoors first. When you put the harness on, let them walk indoors so they can get used to it and start feeling comfortable.

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