How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

When it is cold outside, how do you keep your indoor pet busy? Help your cat discover new experiences inside because going outside is not a requirement to keep your feline friend happy! Playing with your kitten, giving them time, providing the exercise they need are just some of the ways to keep your cat healthy and happy.

With the colder weather upon us, here are some tips to keep your cat engaged and interested indoors:

Do you have a cat tree?

A cat tree is a cat’s best friend when it comes to getting some exercise in for the day. The higher the cat tree, the more fun cats have climbing it. Cats and kittens love being perched on a higher place so they can nap, play, and relax as they watch everything that is going on. Cats also use height for safety and being perched on it also makes shy cats feel confident.

Make playtime exciting!

Keep your cat’s favourite treats handy when you are playing with them. Try playing hide and seek with your kitty, when they pounce on you as you walk by, reward them with a little treat so they feel encouraged. Hide a treat and let them hunt for it. There are many ways to make playtime exciting for your feline friends. You can also hide some of the toys they love so they try to look for them! Ping pong balls are another great way to keep your cat active. They are light and bouncy, and they will keep your kitty asking for some more playtime.

Create some green time

If it is too cold outside and all the grass has been replaced by snow, bring the great outdoors in! How? Most pet stores have organic cat grass that is a great source of fiber! If your cat is not used to it or has not tried it before, give them just a little to try first. If they can eat the grass or like it, organic grass can help promote digestive health, hairball control and overall health of your loved cat. Pet safety is crucial and if you are not too sure, it is best to ask your vet about the benefits of pet grass before buying it.

Keep their litter clean

The happiest of cats can feel depressed if their litter box is not cleaned or changed regularly. Cats love using a fresh litter box and they also need their own space! Even if you have limited space in the house, try to make sure your feline friend has some space they can call their own (away from the litter box). Their own little space should have the essentials such as food and water, scratching post, and a comfy bed to rest on.

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