How to keep your pet cool this summer

Summer is here and that means you and your pets will be experiencing scorching heat on most days. Our furry friends feel temperature differently than we do and during summer they can easily feel too hot! While it may be a lot of fun being outdoors with your dog, heat exhaustion can be harmful to your pet.

Here are some simple safety tips to keep your pet cool this summer:

Adjust activities according to temperatures:

Adjust your pet’s playtime and outdoor activities according to the temperatures outside. Usually the temperature peaks during midday. Avoiding taking your pets out during peak hours and keep an eye on the weather news so you are aware of any extreme heat alerts. Instead, you can take your dog out early morning or late evening when it is not so hot.

Keep them groomed:

Keeping your dog’s hair trimmed and short could help them during hot summer days. Or keep their paws, legs, and stomach trimmed to help keep him comfortable. Brushing your dogs regularly will also remove any dead, loose hair in their coat that may eventually form clumps.

Keep them in the shade:

It is highly advisable to keep your pets in the shade when the temperature is high. Pets can get heat strokes when it gets extremely hot. Some signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, lethargy, vomiting, and seizures. See your vet if you notice any symptoms or abnormal behavior.

Access to clean water:

If you are in the backyard with your pets, make sure they are in the shaded area with a bowl of water. It might be difficult to contain your excited dog when you are working in the yard or doing some gardening but try to keep them hydrated with fresh water and easy access to go back inside when needed. If your cat or dog does not drink enough water, you can place a bowl of clean fresh water in different parts of the house to see if that helps in keeping them hydrated.

Kiddie Pool:

Playing in a kiddie pool is not just a fun activity for dogs (if they like being in the water) its also a practical solution to bear the outdoor heat. But if you have a bigger dog like a Labrador, you will need a proper dog pool so they can splash around with ease and stay cool.

We hope you enjoy sunny summer with your furry friends. If you need to take your dog or cat to the groomer, a get-together or to the vet for a checkup, Paws en route is here for you! Paws en route, a Toronto pet taxi service provides safe and timely pet transportation to any local destination you have in mind.

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