How to Recognize the Signs of Stress in Your Pet

As a pet parent, no one knows your dog as well as you do. So when it feels like they are not their usual self or being moody, you know something is wrong. Sometimes its not so easy to detect changes in a dogs behavior because the indications may be too subtle. Dogs communicate using their body language so it is important for pet parents to understand what they are trying to tell us.

Here is how you can can recognize the signs of stress in a dog:

Pacing anxiously

When dogs pace anxiously it can indicate restlessness and anxiety. It is natural for dogs to pace when they are hungry, and they settle down when they have been fed. But if the anxiety continues, it is best to figure out what’s causing it. If your pet is a senior, a vet can help get to the root cause if the restlessness persists. If you know a dog trainer, they can help too!


Growling is a common way for a dog to communicate their discomfort. Maybe your dog is growling because someone is in their space, they feel threatened or if they are in pain. Knowing your dogs behavior is key if you want to understand why they are growling. Pet parents often discourage their dog from growling, but it is better to figure out the cause. If the cause goes undetected they can get aggressive.


Have you ever seen your dog freeze when they are walking?The main reason dogs freeze when they are walking is because they are scared about something or expect something to go wrong. Dogs have a great sense of observation and can get stressed if something in their surrounding is not right.

Barking excessively

Many dogs bark excessively when they feel stressed. It is a response that comes naturally but it’s a clue for pet parents that something in the surrounding is causing anxiety. Your dog may also whine por whimper when in distress or stress. For your pet’s safety, try to figure out what’s causing your dog to feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to ensuring the safety and well being of your pets, it is important to reflect on what is different in the surrounding. The best way to calm your dog is to identify what is stressing them, figure out the triggers and try to eliminate the cause of concern. Sometimes our pets need privacy, and it is easy to create a safe spot for them where they can relax or eat. If there are children in the house, this private space will help them feel at ease.


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