Indoor Activities for Your Pets

These days, when social distancing is being encouraged to avoid the spread of Covid-19, many people are mostly working from home. As a result, you may be spending a lot more time with your furry loved ones, and we are pretty sure they are very glad to have you around. Pets are a great source of comfort and joy so let’s make sure we spend some quality time with them.

Paws en route has some ideas for fun indoor activities so your pets can stay busy and active inside the house:

Laser Pointers:

Cats love playing with laser pointers. Their natural hunting instinct gets activated when they see that magic light and will do anything to chase it. You can purchase a good quality laser from any pet store and keep your furry friend busy for a long time. Laser pointers are pretty safe to use, just make sure they don’t accidentally get pointed towards their eyes. Cats are more well known for loving the laser pointers but some dogs love chasing the light as well!

Playpen for dogs:

In case you are working from home or taking a call, your dog can keep busy and stay active in a playpen. It can be difficult to contain dogs when they are super excited and during moments when you have to complete a task, playpens can give them freedom for a little exercise, or they can play with their toys. Some foldable playpens can be kept outdoor, if the weather permits, so your pets can enjoy some fresh air while they play.

Tug of war:

There are many benefits of playing tug of war with your pet. It’s not just a great form of exercise for them, it’s a collaborative game that can nurture the relationship between you and your dog. Before you play tug of war, have you made sure your dog is trained and knows the rules and boundaries? Safety is a priority so before you start playing make sure you establish a command to end the game.

Find the treats:

Pets will do anything for treats! If you feel your cat or dog has been lazy and not getting enough exercise, establish some playtime before you reward them with a treat. Make them chase a laser pointer, ask them to fetch a ball, whatever you do, make them find the treats with a little struggle to pack that workout in!

Hide and seek:

The classic hide and seek game is always a good one. Throw their favorite toy and go hide while they run after it. Call out their name while they try to find where you are! You can reward your pet with a treat so feel encouraged. iFetch is a cool gadget that can automatically launch balls for your dog to fetch (in case you need to take a break or finish a chore).

During these uncertain times, if you ever need pet transportation services, Paws en route is here for you. If you need more information, call us or book a ride online!

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