Keeping Your Pet Happy in A Dog Taxi Service

If you’re looking to transport a dog, even just across town, it’s often best to hire a dog taxi service.  That allows you to focus on your dog’s comfort, while a driver who specializes in pet transport can ensure a great ride. After all, car rides can be scary for dogs, and dogs can get carsick just like the rest of us.

If you focus on your pet’s comfort, the taxi can take care of the rest.  Here are a few tips.

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Stay Comfortable in A Dog Taxi Service

  1. Ginger soothes the stomach

Ginger is a great natural anti-nausea remedy, and it works for dogs as well as humans!  If you know they get carsick, a little ginger along with a favorite treat will help.

However, you shouldn’t give ginger to a dog who is pregnant or lactating, or if they have a fever or heart condition.

  1. Get a comfortable harness

Pet supply shops sell harnesses that are designed to attach to seatbelts for dogs when they’re in a car.  Pet taxis should always be equipped with seat belts for your pet.  Be sure that your pet has a properly fitted and comfortable harness for safe transportation.

  1. Bring a portable window shade

Window shades are a good idea for two reasons.  First, they help protect your dog from the sun, which can be intensified if it’s coming straight in a car window.  Also, it will discourage them from barking at things outside the car, if they tend to do so.

You might also consider some dog-safe sunblock if you know you’ll be riding in a hot sunny day.  (One warning: never use zinc oxide sunscreen; it’s toxic to dogs.)

  1. Have plenty of water

Pets can easily get dehydrated on a car ride, which may lead to extra panting or anxious behavior. Bring along plenty of filtered water, and make sure to keep their water source topped up.

  1. Bring their favorite toys

Having something familiar in the car will help ease your dog’s anxiety!  Bring along a favorite chew toy, or blanket, so they’ll have something familiar that smells of home.  Blankets are especially good since they also give them something to sit on.

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