Life Hacks for Pet Parents

Pet parents love their furry friends even when their pooch brings mess into the home. Pets can bring their own cute troubles into the house and while we may not complain, we do need a prompt solution every now and then. Here are some amazing life hacks for pet owners:

Inflatable Pool

Does your dog enjoy pool time? When the weather gets too hot during summer, place an inflatable pool filled with water in the yard! Spoil your pet a little and add some chew toys, balls or rubber ducks so they can play to their hearts content. Did we mention this could also be a perfect shot for Instagram or make some TikTok videos!

DIY Scratch Post

If your cat insists on sharpening their claws on the table legs wrap the area with a rope to protect it. If you are in the DIY spirit, line the bottom of a small basket or box with corrugated cardboard and create your own scratch post! Place it where your car loves to sit so they know whereto go for a scratching session.

Winter Feet

Pet parents usually opt for dog booties for the harsh winter weather. When your dog goes out for walks during winter, chances are they will walk on salt and other unsafe items that can hurt their paws or make them extremely dry. If your dog does not like to wear booties, you can apply a layer of Vaseline to protect their paws from anti-freeze or other harmful items. Just make sure your dog does not lick the Vaseline. Clean their paws with a safe pet friendly wet wipe when they come back inside the house.

Yummy Treats

During summer dogs can get dehydrated because they love being outdoors. What is a good way to keep them hydrated? Make your own freezing treats. Pet parents can fill up ice cubes with chicken broth and freeze it. You can easily carry these broth cubes you when you head out for a short walk or if your dog is busy playing in the back yard. Broth cubes are nutritious and help pets feel hydrated. Watermelon is another great alternative because it is rich in potassium and vitamin C, and it is also a great source of vitamins A and B6.

DIY Pet Beds

Pets love a cozy corner where they can just relax or sleep without being bothered. You may have some old furniture like a dressing table that you want to get rid of. You can make a trendy pad for your dog or cat by utilizing a drawer. Place a cushion or soft blanket for padding and let her pet enjoy a new spot for some cozy comfort!

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