Moving with Pets Is Tricky – Dog Relocation Services Can Make It Easier!

Moving to a new home is stressful for everyone involved – but maybe most for your pets.  Dogs and cats can’t understand what’s happening, and there’s no way to explain it to them.  All you can do is make as many preparations as you can for them to have a comfortable trip, such as hiring professional dog relocation services.

At Paws en route, we specialize in helping pets have happy and low stress moving experiences. Here are a few tips for helping your fur buddies have a successful move.

3 Big Tips for Moving with Dogs

  1. Do plenty of pre-planning

The more you plan for your dog’s move, the better.  For the sake of efficiency, it’s usually best to assign one family member to be responsible for their care.  (This can be a good role for teens!)  In particular, be sure to make travel arrangements for them very early on. Reservations for relocation services can fill up quickly, so you want to set them up weeks – or months – ahead of time.

  1. Find the right travel arrangements

Your dogs should either ride in a car with you, or with specialized dog relocation services.  Never put a pet in a trailer like a U-Haul. These are poorly ventilated and can become swelteringly hot on a long drive.  Pet travel services are often best, specifically because they have facilities and equipment to ensure your dogs have a comfortable ride!

Planning for air travel introduces another set of considerations such as finding an airline that specializes in pet travel, ensuring that the pet carrier meets IATA requirements and planning for ground transportation when there are weather embargos and airline bans on certain breeds.  For international travel, you ensure that you leave enough time for completing required documentation.

  1. Manage your dog’s stress

Even dogs who are normally well-behaved can become anxious or aggressive when they’re under the stress of a move.  Have plenty of treats on-hand to help calm them down, or whatever other toys or techniques you know will work for them.  (This is another reason that it’s a good idea to assign one person to be your dog wrangler for the journey.)

It’s also a good idea to introduce them to your moving crew and other workers, as they arrive at your house.  Just about any dog would get territorial if they see strangers going through your stuff!  A few moments assuring them that these are good people will make things go a lot more smoothly!

For Great Dog Relocation Services, Call Paws en route!

We specialize in transporting your loved pets in safety and comfort.  Working with us can make the moving experience go easier for everyone involved.  Book your ride with our team today!

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