New Protocols and Services Update

With mounting concerns regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many pet owners are rightfully worried about their pets’ safety and well-being. While there is no substantial evidence that COVID-19 could spread to pets or spread between pets and their owners, Paws en route is taking all necessary precautions to keep pet parents and their loved pets safe.

Paws en route is proactively implementing services and protocols to assist you in dealing with COVID-19.  As the Province of Ontario has deemed Veterinary Medicine as essential, the team at Paws en route will remain open and available to assist you and your pet.  In order to do so, we must all stay healthy and practice “social distancing”.  

The protocols and services we have implemented are as follows:

Trips to VCA Clinics, VEC and other animal hospitals:

We are conducting pet transportation trips to and from VCA clinics, VEC and other animal hospitals in line with their “Contactless” procedure. This will include the following:

  • Upon arrival at the home for a pet pick-up, the driver will remain in the vehicle and call the pet owner to deliver the pet to the vehicle and secure the pet safely.
  • The driver will take the pet to the designated location (as directed by the pet owner) and again remain in the vehicle.  They will call the clinic in line with their “Contactless” procedure.
  • The pet will be returned to the pet owner using the same procedure.
  • The vehicle will be disinfected between each pet transportation to ensure pet safety.

Delivering Pet Medications:

Paws en route has also implemented a new service to deliver required pet medications to pet owners who are quarantined or those who must remain ‘self-isolated ‘and cannot leave their home.

This new “Pet Medication Delivery Service” will operate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 4 pm and 8 pm. Our pet transportation services are also available to you if you require a delivery outside of these hours.

Paws en route is diligently monitoring COVID-19 situation closely and we will continue to keep our pet transportation services available to the communities we serve.  We will be there for your pet taxi needs to drive your loved pets to the veterinary clinic in a safe and timely manner.

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