Paws en route partners with CNIB

Paws en route is proud to partner with CNIB for the Guide Dog program. We will be providing CNIB’s clients, their dogs, staff, volunteers, and donors safe and efficient transportation. Paws en route prides itself on transporting dogs and pets in a respectful and fun environment. 5% of all ride revenue is donated to the CNIB Guide Dog Foundation to support their important work.

About CNIB:

CNIB is a non-profit organization that delivers innovative programs and advocacy initiatives that empower people impacted by blindness. CNIB empowers visually impaired persons to lead a motivated and active life so they can stay meaningfully engaged.

CNIB Programs:

These are some of the programs CNIB offers:

Eye Van: Operated by CNIB, the Medical Mobile Care Unit, known as the Eye Van, is a fully equipped, medical mobile eye-care clinic on wheels that travels more than 6,000 kilometres annually to provide service in Northern Ontario. With a commitment from more than 25 ophthalmologists, the CNIB Eye Van serves 4,500 patients.

CNIB Card: CNIB card gives its users benefits like discounts and services from government, businesses, and community partners. Some examples include municipal transit passes, free or discounted train and bus fares, as well as discounts for certain events. CNIB card users can also benefit from additional accessibility services from banks and businesses.

Virtual Vision Mate Program: Isolation can be damaging for a persons physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The Virtual Vision Mate program gives volunteers an opportunity to engage in friendly conversations with people who are blind or partially sighted. For Canadians who are blind or partially sighted, CNIB has adapted one its core program offerings, the Vision Mate program, to engage volunteers to connect virtually with participants. This participation occurs by phone or online at least once a week.

CNIB Guide Dogs: CNIB believes in the importance of having a guide dog. This new program aims to raise and train guide dogs exclusively for those with sight or vision loss. People with sight loss believe having a guide dog with them is a transformational experience. Guide dogs provide mobility, safety, confidence, and increased independence. They also provide a connection to the world and experiences.

CNIB uses 3 ways of matching guide dogs:

Guide Dog: A guide dog is partnered with a youth or adult with sight loss. Whether it is avoiding obstacles, stopping at curbs and steps, or negotiating traffic, this dog fosters independence.

Buddy Dog: A buddy dog is partnered with a child who is living with sight loss. This will give the child an opportunity to care for a dog and make it easier to transition into a guide dog partnership in the future. A buddy dog may be partnered with an adult with sight loss who would benefit from the companionship of a well-trained family pet.

Ambassador Dog: An ambassador dog is partnered with a staff member to promote CNIB Guide Dogs at community events and raise awareness about the role of guide dogs. Whether it’s introducing someone to the benefits of guide dogs, recruiting volunteer puppy raisers for puppies-in-training or connecting with individuals who may be interested in sponsoring the program, this dog is an important member of the marketing team.

Paws en route’s collaboration with CNIB:

Paws en route is proud to partner with CNIB for the Guide Dog program. Paws en route prides itself on transporting dogs and pets in a safe and fun environment. Our drivers are experienced at handling dogs, knowledgeable about their health and well-being, and will always ensure their safety. Paws en route’s drivers love animals. As a pet transportation company, Paws en route takes safety protocols very seriously. Our car seats are secured with a harness that keeps them secure. Our vehicles are tested for safety and we do not comprise when it comes to your dog’s safety during rides.

CNIB clients, volunteers, donors, and staff will receive a 10% discount on your ride fare. Paws en route will also donate 5% of all CNIB community fares to the CNIB Guide Dog program to help ensure that anyone who would like to have a guide dog can have that opportunity.

If you need a ride for your guide dog or pet, Paws en route, a Toronto animal transportation service is here to provide reliable, safe, and secure transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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