Plan Ahead When Moving with Pets in Canada

Moving to a new home is an exciting, but stressful, time for everyone in your family – especially your furry family members.  Going on a long journey can be very scary for cats, dogs, and other pets.  Planning for their well-being will make both the trip and the arrival go a lot more smoothly.

We specialize in helping pets make long journeys in safety and comfort.  These are some of the most important things to consider when planning a move with pets.

How to Help Keep Your Pets Happy During A Move

I. Planning Ahead

Preparation can go a long way towards helping your pets move safely.  You should be making travel arrangements weeks, if not months, before the travel date to make sure everything is in order before the big day comes.  

We also recommend pre-researching veterinarians in your new hometown and having one provisionally selected ahead of time.  That way, if something did happen during the trip, you could take the pet directly to the vet without delay.

Also, try to leave one room untouched for most of the packing.  This gives your pets a ‘safe space’ which remains familiar despite the chaos in the rest of the house.

II. Cars vs Planes

It may be better for a pet to be transported via car than air especially if the pet has experience travelling via car.  It is also safer for a snub nose breed pet to travel via car versus air.  Pet owners should research the risks of air travel for snub nose breeds or consult the pet’s veterinarian prior to purchasing an airline ticket.  Most airlines prohibit snub nose breed travel.

When considering air travel for a pet, consider airlines which have a dedicated service for pets as well as specific policies for pet travel including pet comfort stops.

III. Consider Professional Canadian Pet Movers

You could potentially make things much easier for yourself and your pets by hiring professionals to coordinate their move.  Pet movers in Canada can handle the logistics on your behalf, and this can be a big help – particularly if you’re having to fly.  They can handle the paperwork and any negotiations with the airlines.  Or, if you’re traveling by car, they’ll have the resources and facilities to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Let Paws en route Help!

Paws en route specialize in making journeys as easy as possible for your pets.  Book now to let us help with your move.

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