Preparing Your Pets for a Car Ride

Are you heading out of town or going on a road trip? Bringing your cat or dog (or both) along is always better and may save you the cost of paying the pet sitter or for the kennel. But is your pet ready for the car ride? Let us make sure they are prepared to travel in the car before you hit the road.

Here are a few steps to prepare your pet before a car ride:

Do you have a pet carrier?

Pet carriers are great for moving pets around. Whether its for a trip to the veterinary clinic or for a long car ride, pet carriers keep your cat safe and secure. To prepare your cat or dog for a car ride, start small and take them within a short distance first so they can get accustomed to the ride and movement.

Visit the Vet:

It is always a good idea to visit the vet and ask them about motion sickness or any other health concern (just in case). For pets that are prone to car sickness, asking the vet about it or seeking some suggestions and tips will help you stay prepared for the expected circumstances. For longer road trips, keep your pet’s medical records and vaccination certificates with you in case they are needed for emergency cases.

Keep the Essential Pet Supplies:

Pet stores carry a wide variety of travel supplies for pets. If you do not feel like going to the store, ordering on Amazon is another convenient option. From collapsible bowls to special luggage options, there are many items to choose from. But the most important thing is to keep their preferred food with you.

Do Not Feed Them Right Before the Drive:

Try to feed your pets a light meal 3-4 hours prior to the car ride. Giving them food just before the drive could lead to potential motion sickness. Why not keep a pack of treats to encourage their good behavior during a long car ride?

Keep Your Pets Head and Paws in the Vehicle:

This is not a safety concern for cats, but dogs love to feel the wind on their face and fur! It is not safe to let your dog stick his head out of the car. Make sure your pet is safe in a pet carrier, kennel, or pet seat belt to avoid any accidental injury. Leave the window slightly unrolled, if need be, for fresh air (but only if they are restrained by a pet seat belt).

If you need to get somewhere but do not have access to a car, Paws en route is a pet taxi service in Toronto that can assist you. Paws en route drivers are knowledgeable about pet transportation safety with the right in-car tools to give your pets maximum safety and security.

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