Preventing Ticks in Dogs

Summer is here and your dog must be excited about all the outdoor walks. When your dogs are outdoors, that also means they are in tick habitats. Ticks inhabit dense areas such as overgrown shrubs, thick bushes, and any area that is covered with decayed leaves. Ticks may be tiny, but they can have harmful consequences for your pet’s health and safety.

To reduce the chance of ticks on your pets:

  • Examine them frequently
  • Keep them away from dense pockets when they are outdoors
  • If you see a tick on them, seek a solution

There are ways to prevent ticks in your dogs, here are some:

Spot-on Treatments:

There are over the counter spot-on medications that you can purchase from your local pet store, vet, or online as a prevention method. These spot-on treatments are effective in controlling ticks and fleas. If you have a cat, these treatments last for about a month in keeping fleas at bay. If you are unsure which treatment to get for your dog or cat, get some advice from your vet before you purchase anything.

Tick Collars:

Another preventive method is to use a tick collar for your dog. They may get annoyed when you put it on, but it is for your dog’s safety. Leave a room of about two fingers when you put the collar on. If your dog feels uncomfortable with the collar or if you catch them scratching excessively, it may indicate an allergic reaction. Read the label or ask your vet before using tick collars.

Oral Medicine:

Oral medication that prevents ticks in dogs is given once a month. This medication can help kill ticks and disrupt the life cycle of fleas. Your vet will guide you about the best oral medication for your dog. Some tick medicines come as flavored pills or a chewable. In other cases, you may have to conceal the medicine in food so your pet can ingest it.

Medicated Shampoos:

Medicated shampoos contain medicinal properties that can help kill ticks on contact. Using shampoos is an inexpensive method of dealing with ticks. Some pet owners may find it difficult because the shampooing process should ideally be repeated after 2 weeks. The medicated shampoo treatment for ticks in dogs is not as long-lasting as spot-on treatments or oral medications.

If you are wondering which tick treatment is the best option for your dog, please consult your veterinarian. Vets ensure the best treatment option for your loved pets. If you need a ride to the vet, Paws en route is a pet taxi service that provides safe and timely pet transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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