Shipping Pets by Air? Follow These Expert Tips for The Best Experience

Generally speaking, if you need to move a pet such as a cat or dog, it’s always going to be best to move the pet using ground transportation options.  This is far less stressful for the pet, as well as making it easier to make sure they’re comfortable in transit.  However, sometimes there are situations where you can’t avoid shipping pets by air, such as when moving large distances.

It is, of course, entirely possible to move a pet via air in a way that’s safe and comfortable enough for them to arrive happy and healthy.  However, it does take some planning and preparation.  Here are some important tips to follow!

4 Must-Dos When Shipping Pets by Air

1. Start planning months ahead of time

When you’re preparing to move, this should be one of the top items on your agenda to research and plan ahead of time.  It absolutely cannot be left until the last minute.  You’ll be placing plenty of phone calls and doing a lot of Internet research to find the right options for your pet.

2. Moving to a new country?  Contact the embassy ASAP.

National governments are extremely strict when it comes to the importation of any kind of live animals into their country.  There willbe complicated forms to fill out, vaccination requirements, and many other regulations you’ll be expected to follow to the letter.  Failure to do so can result in tragedy.

The best way to prepare is to contact the nearest embassy or consulate for the country you’re moving to.  They’ll be able to tell you all the relevant rules.

3. Crate-train your pet

Shipping pets by air means putting them in a pet crate which is airline (IATA) approved.  First, you’ll want to contact the airline and find out exactly what crates they allow.  Then obtain the crate and start training your pet to be comfortable in it.  Try taking them on drives of increasing length while in the cage.

4. Talk to your vet

You’ll need your vet’s assistance for a number of reasons.  There will probably be vaccination requirements, and you’ll also want to give your pet a physical to ensure they’re capable of handling the rigors of air flight.  Airlines will require this health certificate from a certified veterinarian.

Paws en route Makes It Easier

Do you need help shipping your pets by air in the Toronto area?  Paws en route can help you with planning and logistics.  Contact us to book and for more information.

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