Summer safety tips for pets

Many pet owners will be heading back to work as the province reopens with strict safety measures and protocols. That may also bring a change to your pet’s daily routine. As a pet mom or a pet dad, you may need to create a schedule so your loved dog or cat can get in some exercise time in the morning or during the afternoon. Your weekends may be packed with plans of hikes, BBQ’s, or swimming? And of course, you would love to take your dog with you for all the fun. Summer may also bring some challenges when it comes to keeping pets outdoors for an extended time.

Here are a few summer safety tips for pets:

Do not leave pets unattended in the car

As a pet owner, you may think leaving your dog in the car for just a few minutes is fine. A car’s temperature can get very hot which is dangerous for pets. No matter how short you think your trip to the grocery will be, never leave your pets unattended in the car. While opening the window or leaving the air-conditioner on can seem like a helpful solution, it may not be enough to protect your pets against heatstroke.

Keep them hydrated

Do you take your dog out for regular walks? Humans are not the only ones who get thirsty or feel dehydrated during intense heat. Our pets can get just as dehydrated when the weather heats up. Make sure you carry a second bottle of water for your dog. If you plan to go for a longer walk, make sure you give your pet water at regular intervals. Your local pet store may even carry a portable water bowl that can easily fit in a bag or backpack.

Grooming sessions

Warmer weather means spending more time outdoors with your dog and that is great! But with a proper grooming session, your dog will comfortable and cool while they are under the sun. Regularly brushing your dog, bathing them, and getting regular cuts can help especially during summer. You can either invest in a professional pair of clippers or scissors or if you feel you need guidance you can consult a professional groomer to ask which cut is suitable for your dog.

Prepare for hot pavement

When it gets too hot outside, delay your walks, and reserve your daily walks for the early hours of the day or later in the evening. If you need to take your dog out during the afternoon, keep the walk short or walk on the grass instead of the pavement. If the pavement is too hot, it can be harmful for your dog’s paws. Dog shoes or booties are beneficial for very hot temperatures or particularly sunny locations.

Learn about heat stroke

Excessive or recurrent panting could be a sign that your dog is suffering from a heatstroke. Talk to your vet and, learn about heat stroke, its symptoms and solutions. Some of the symptoms of heatstroke include lethargy, rapid heartbeat, upset stomach or unconsciousness. One of the most common causes of heatstroke is confining your dog to an enclosed car or leaving them in direct sunlight.

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