Summer Weather Fun With your Pets

Summer comes with a lot of sunshine and longer days. That means you get to spend more time outdoors with your pet! While your cat may be used to being busy indoors, your loved dog will enjoy a lot of time outdoors. Here are some fun summer activities to enjoy with your pets:

Pool time

A good old dip in the pool is a great way to cool off when it is hot. Make pool more fun by adding some toys your pup can play with. Is it very hot? Add a few ice cubes to help them feel refreshed and energized. If you have a sprinkler, it can make playtime even more fun, especially if you have kids.

Frozen snacks

We love some frozen goodies for ourselves when the weather gets too hot. Why leave your pets out! Pet parents can freeze chicken or beef broth to make delicious frozen treats for their furry friends. According to the American Kennel Club, watermelon and cantaloupe also make great frozen treats for our loved dogs.


Head out with your dog during the evening when the weather gets cooler. Enjoy the sunset, bask in the breeze and celebrate the moments with your loved pet. Going out for a walk in the evening helps prevent your pets from overheating. Whether you take your pets for a walk in the morning or evening, do not forget to keep them hydrated. Always carry water so they can drink up when they get thirsty.

Hide and seek

Pets love to play hide and seek. When it is too hot to play outside, play a game of hide and seek indoors so your pets can have fun during the day. Indoors games are a great way for them to busy, active, and motivated. Cats and dogs are fond of challenges. Hide their favorite treats in different places so they hunt and find them!

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