Things You Must Consider When Flying Overseas with A Pet

Moving with a pet can be difficult even in the best of times, but nothing compares to the difficulty of moving to a different country with a pet.  Many people may even consider giving up their pets but moving with them can be done!  It takes some legwork, though.  Here are some must-dos for pet air transportation and flying with pets.

How to Move Overseas with A Pet

1. Call the foreign embassy

First, you need to make sure your pet will be allowed in the foreign country, and what sort of regulations are in place restricting pets transport.  The best way to do this is to directly contact the Embassy for whichever country you’re moving.  They’ll be able to tell you the rules.

Also, ask about the living environment in their country – things like whether it’s common for houses/apartments to allow pets, and what sort of “on the ground” pet control laws exist.  They may also be able to refer you to locals who can answer your questions.

2. Start calling airlines

Every airline has different regulations regarding the transport of pets, so you’ll need to start calling around.  Chances are, this will be one of the major things that determines what airline you use.  Further, for long distance travel which can be stressful for pets, it is important to consider an airline that can accommodate comfort stops for your pets. Do not purchase plane tickets without first establishing their pet policies!  

3. Never stop asking for questions and clarification

There are many laws and bureaucratic policies that can be fudged or played-by-ear.  This is rarely the case when transporting pets.  You must follow regulations to the letter, or there could be a problem.  If the you do not follow the regulations, your pet may not be allowed entry to the country and/or the pet may be quarantined for unspecified period.   If you’re ever unclear about the information you receive, keep asking questions!

4. Go to the vet

Long travel via airplane is extremely stressful for pets.  You’ll want them to have a full check-up from their normal vet, to ensure they’re in good health.  Then discuss the things you learned – what medical requirements (such as vaccinations) are required by your new home country, and what conditions they’ll be traveling under.  Your vet will be able to help prepare them.

5. Consider a pet airport transportation service

There are pet airport transportation services like Paws en route that specialize in helping you deal with the logistics of moving a pet long distances and handling these details.  They can make the trip to the airport easier and could potentially also help you with other aspects of the bureaucracy.

To learn more about how Paws en route can help, just contact us today!

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