Tips For Creating An Emergency Preparedness Plan For Your Pets

Pet parents always want to ensure the safety of their furry loved ones. Caring can mean stocking up on their favorite food, keeping the vet’s number easily accessible, getting their regular checks ups done or creating an emergency preparedness plan. Whether it’s a natural disaster or other unexpected life circumstances, pet safety is important to pet parents.

Here are some tips on how to create an emergency preparedness plan for your pets:


If you have an older pet or one that has health concerns,make sure to have a substantial amount of extra medication for emergencies. Itis always a good idea to keep your pet’s health-related paperwork and vaccination records for reference. At least 2 weeks of medications, including flea and tick medications, should be stocked for unexpected circumstances.


Registering your pet’s microchip and updating your contact information is an important step. What’s micro-chipping? A microchip is about the size of a grain and has a unique number that’s entered into the database with your information. If your pet is lost, animal shelters and clinics can scan the chip and locate the pet parents name, address and contact number soyou can reunite with your pet.

Leashes and harnesses

Other than micro-chipping, good-quality leashes and harnesses are important for dog owners. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a good harness. There are many options, such as flat or retractable, leather or nylon, and there are different lengths you can choose from. When purchasing leashes and harnesses, make sure you choose the ones that are comfortable for your pet. Harnesses help keep dogs safe and secure especially during stressful situations and long car rides.

First Aid Kit

First aid kids for pets are important. As a pet parent, you can ensure the safety of your loved pet by building your own first aid kit for them. Invest in a good cone or Elizabethan collar, they are easy to store and very handy if your pet gets injured or if you want to keep them from touching their wound or medicine. Other helpful items include a digital thermometer, scissors, tweezers, gauze oral syringes, eye droppers and soft muzzle cloth or towel.

Extra blankets

Extra blankets are useful especial for dogs. During stressful situations, pets can find comfort and ease with towels or blankets that can keep them warm and cozy. If you know there is one your pet is particularly fond of, keep it next to their crate or in your cat’s carrier. Investing in a few other similar ones will help you stay prepared for unexpected circumstances.

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