Tips for new dog owners

Did you recently adopt a dog? Is your family planning to get a new puppy from the breeder? In either case, as a new dog owner, the safety and well being of your pet will be important to you. You must be excited at the prospect of being a dog owner!

We have some tips for new dog owners so you can enjoy your journey with the new furry family member:

Learn about the growing stages:

If you have adopted a puppy, do some research about their growing stages and if you got an older dog, learning more about their health is just as important. There are different food and lifestyle requirements that different dog breeds have. Even an older dog needs special care because of health concerns or food sensitivity.  

Choosing the right diet:

When kittens and puppies are young, they have very special nutritional requirements. Compared to adult cats or dogs, younger ones need higher levels of protein and certain vitamins and minerals. It is crucial to be mindful that puppies and kittens require a diet that meets growth requirements until they are 1 year of age, at least. Choosing the right diet for them will benefit their health in the long term.

Adjustment time:

Your new dog may need time to adjust to their new environment. If your new pet is a puppy, they may find it easier to adjust but adult dogs could either be very social or very quiet. You can help them feel comfortable by feeding at the same time every day, by going outside for potty breaks consistently and even going to bed at the same time. These steps will help regulate their timing and give them a sense of comfort and security.

Basics Needs:

If you are a new pet owner, you will find yourself investing in a dog’s basic requirements and needs. You could benefit from a quality harness, quality food, a nice crate or a doghouse, and their grooming supplies. Most pet stores have a great variety and different options that you can choose from. And let us not forget the most important thing: exercise. Keeping your pet active is one of the most important requirements for good health.

Find a good vet:

If you do not know of a good vet, ask around, maybe someone from your friend’s circle or a family member could refer one. It is especially important to find a good veterinarian and to develop and cultivate a relationship with them. Every stage of a pet’s growth is important, and a good vet can guide and give appropriate advice. When you are in the process of choosing a vet, make sure they are affectionate with your pet, their clinic is clean, and how they handle after-hour emergencies.

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