Tips for Pet-Proofing your Home

Pet parents may not even be aware of the harmful items around the house that could be potentially dangerous for their loved cat or dog. Whether you are a new pet owner or an experienced one, it is important to pet-proof your house.

Here are some tips for making your house safer for pets:

Keep medications out of reach

Cats and dogs are naturally curious (especially kittens). They love to explore and try anything that looks fascinating or new. You may have kept your medicines on the table for easy access but if your pet consumes the medication it can cause major issues. All medication should be placed out of reach of our furry friends for their safety and health.

Electrical Cords

Kittens are notorious for chewing anything they encounter. When they are growing up, they tend to chew on items that are soft and well, chewable. Phone and laptop charger cords are some of the most common things found in every home that are an easy target for pets. Bundle up your chargers, tie them together or just cover them. Provide your pet with plenty of safe alternatives such as chew toys so they stay occupied, busy, and happy. That is one way to keep them away from wires and other chewing hazards around the house.

Toxic food

Human food is not necessarily safe for our pets. Some foods that they safe for people can be dangerous for pets. Pets love to accompany their humans when they are busy cooking in the kitchen. If your cat or dog insists on staying in the kitchen, keep the food items covered so they do not try to get sneaky and steal some. Candy, chocolate, garlic are just some of the human food items highly toxic for pets.

Some other items include:



Chocolate, Coffee and Caffeine



Keep the bathroom door closed

Cats, curious by nature, may be fascinated by the sound of water in the toilet. It would be gross if your pet tries to drink the toilet water. Besides being gross, it could be dangerous too. It is better to keep your pet safe by keeping the bathroom door closed, especially if you are not at home all day to keep an eye on them.

Danger of nicotine

Do you or any other member of the house smoke cigarettes? Nicotine poisoning is real and extremely harmful for our pets. Curious pets, such as kittens and puppies may find discarded cigars, cigarette butts, ash, nicotine patches or gum and lick them out of curiosity. Secondhand smoking affects our loved pets just as it affects us. Pets can suffer the negative health consequence of tobacco products by simply breathing the air circulating around their owners. Living in a house with a smoker puts dogs, cats, and especially birds at greater risk of many health problems.

Pet proofing a home is crucial to your pet’s health and safety. Did your cat or dog consume something they should not have? Do you want to take your pet for a checkup? Paws en route can help. Paws en route, a GTA based pet taxi service, provides safe and timely pet transportation. Let us know if you have any questions. Book a ride with us today!

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