Tips to keep your pets safe from holiday hazards

The holiday season is in full swing and many of you may have made plans keeping the pandemic precautions in mind. We know that if we socialize it would have to be with a limited number of people. But the parties, meals and decorations can put your pet in harm’s way. How can we ensure our pet’s safety during this festive yet busy time of the year?

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Keep human food away

While our fully loaded dinner table can be a delicious sight for us, there could be many potential dangers for our loved pets. For example, high-fat foods, chocolate, desserts, fruit, cheese, and other items can be toxic for cats and dogs. To keep your pet away from the table, give them their favorite treat or kibble so they feel rewarded and content. High protein food items such as turkey skin and ham contain large amounts of fat which can be difficult for pets to digest.

Clean up quickly

As a pet parent you may have cleared the table but what about the trash bags? Pets are curious and if they smell something they like, they will go after it! Fatty, spicy, and high protein human food should not be fed to cats and dogs.  Ingesting any leftover item or harmful products like plastic utensils or foil from the trash bag can potentially lead to a visit to the doctor. Avoid these emergency cases by making sure the kitchen has been cleared and the trash bags have been put away.

Are your pets scared?

Other than the face masks that are mandatory for any gathering these days, if your party or get together involves wearing costume masks, chances are your pet may feel scared or threatened. Keep in mind masks can be scary to pets. Dogs may exhibit unusual behavior by barking excessively, vomit due to stress, or suffer anxiety. If you think your pet might experience any of these, be observant and try to calm your pet when they feel scared.

Keep plants out of reach

Did you redecorate your house for the festive holiday season and bought some new plants? They may look great in the house, but they can be harmful for your pets. A pet’s curiosity knows no limit and they will not hesitate when it comes to discovering their surroundings. Cats and dogs love sniffing house plants, and most can be toxic to them. Some of the toxic house plants include hydrangeas, mistletoe’s, and baby’s breath. To ensure your pet’s safety, keep house plants out of your pet’s reach.

Be prepared for emergencies

Some emergencies come unannounced no matter how prepared we are. If your vet is closed during the holiday season, prepare for the unexpected by researching and finding out which animal hospitals are open 24/7. In times of urgent need, pet parents need full access to proper healthcare for their loved furry friends.

Provide a safe environment

Providing a safe environment for your pets is important during the festivities. Let your pet sit privately in a secure environment when guests are over. They can snuggle in their quiet corner or hide in their preferred spot. Does loud music scare your cat or dog? Give your pet a quiet space as a retreat with fresh water and their favorite food.

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