Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

All dogs are loved and beautiful! But are you wondering if your dog is part of the ten most popular dog breeds? American Kennel Club (AKC) recently released a list of top dog breeds and we have compiled the Top-10 for you. Read on to find out if your pooch made it to the list.

Here is a list of some of the most popular dog breeds:

Retrievers (Labrador): Labradors are the most popular dog breed. With their sweet face, lovable demeanor and friendly personality, Retrievers are sure to be loved wherever they go. If you or your family member is looking for a medium to large sized dog, Labradors are the perfect companions because they bond easily, and they are very social.

German Shephard: Confident, smart, and courageous is how German Shepherds are usually described. This is a very loyal breed and they can learn commands for many tasks. German Shephard’s need a lot of exercise and do not like it when they get bored. If they do not get enough exercise, they can become mischievous and high-strung. They also shed a lot of hair but then most breeds do.

French Bulldogs: As the name suggests, French bulldogs are a miniature version of the Bulldog. French bulldogs may not bark much but they are very alert and do not require a lot of outdoor exercises like other breeds. You can keep your French Bulldog busy and happy at home if you are willing to play with them for a health dose of indoor exercise time.

Poodles: No matter what size the poodle is (standard, miniature, or toy), they are eager to learn, very athletic and smart! As a Poodle parent you need to make sure they get their healthy daily dose of exercise because they are very active. If they are bored, they will get restless. House training is easy for Poodles and they can also pick up tricks quiet quickly.

Beagles: Beagles are one of the most popular hound dogs because they are curious, clever, and energetic. Beagles also need a lot of playtime! Their cheerful attitude makes them social and they also get along famously with children and other pets. They do not like being alone so make sure you spend a lot of time with them.

Rottweiler: Rottweiler’s are large dogs and they are very confident. This breed is also known for being selected for guarding and protection work. If they are well-socialized, they can get along nicely with people and other pets, but male Rottweiler’s can be aggressive by nature. This breed is definitely one that should only be purchased from a reputable breeder.

Pointers: German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP) are happy trainable pets who love physical activities such as running, swimming or sports. They are active hunters and adventurous by nature. If you take them out, they will happily discover their environment and explore. If you want them to feel content indoors, give them ample exercise time because they are very energetic.

Corgi: Corgis make good companions and friendly house dogs. Very affectionate by nature, Corgi’s may be small sized, but they pack a lot of energy and know how to exhibit it. They have strong herding instincts and love to bark excessively, hunt and chew if they are not exercised enough.

Dachshunds: Dachshunds are difficult to train but if trained properly they make loyal companions and are good with children too. They do not like being alone for too long and can develop separation anxiety. Human interaction is important for them and if you plan to get a Dachshund, they will require a lot of attention and companionship.

Yorkshire Terriers: Yorkshire terrier may be small, but they are full of energy. Their active nature keeps them busy because they always have something to do. Quick, alert, and eager to discover, Yorkshire terriers are devoted to their owners and they are easy to train. If you have decided to adopt a Yorkie, be ready to keep an eye on them because they want to be everywhere at the same time!

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