Top 6 friendliest cat breeds

Are you thinking of adopting a cat? Adding a feline friend to your household can bring a lot of joy. Every cat has a unique personality and while all kittens may love to play when they are young, they develop their personality as they get older.

Here are some of the friendliest, social and affectionate cat breeds:


Persian cats can be laid back and affectionate. As kittens, they may prance around a lot, but they get a lot gentler as they age. They love being around people so do not be surprised if they join you when you have friends over. Persian cats also love being groomed and petted. Make sure your Persian cat gets enough daily exercise so they can stay physically fit.


Manx cats have a sweet placid temperament. They are loving and do not get too upset or aggressive. The Manx is unique looking because they do not have a tail. These kittens love to socialize and be in the company of their parents. If you decide to get a Manx be sure to spend some quality time with these loving feline friends.


Every tabby has a unique personality, but they are mostly very friendly and extremely intelligent. They are very social and get along with everyone. Like every cat, a tabby love to nap too but when they are in the energetic mode, make sure your plants and vases are out the way. They love to get their playtime in and may even show up when it is time for some fun games.


Ragdolls may be big but they are very easygoing and affectionate. Before you opt for a Ragdoll make sure you have enough time to spend with them! They are eager to please and they love being held. They will follow you around and ask for attention so be prepared.

Maine Coon

Main Coon’s are very adaptable. Whether you live in a condominium or a house, they know how to adjust to their environment. A Maine Coon’s diet needs to be controlled and watched because this breed tends to gain weight easily. Make sure your cat gets enough playtime and exercises regularly.


Siamese cats have become famous for all the right reasons. They are independent and very sociable, loyal and affectionate. Siamese cats love to talk and chat. They may be independent, but they need your time and attention. Inquisitive, active, and energetic by nature, Siamese kittens will know how to build a bond with their new pet parents.

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